We appreciate hearing your ideas and letting us know what you're up to. To contact Libel Music regarding any PR Releases, special events pertaining to launching your new music or to simply tell us about your ideas, Please use the following form to get in touch with us.

PS. This link is NOT for getting us to list all the gigs in the land and pertains to PRESS RELEASE details of Album / EP releases and your ideas only.

Need to know more about Sharing a PR release for a new Album / Single with Libel Music?

In most cases, Libel Music will happily share most PR releases for an album / EP release for a local New Zealand or Australian band, however please take care when putting together your PR release, ensuring you send all information via a link only to one folder containing all relevant information via Dropbox, WeTransfer etc...  A COMPLETE PRESS KIT is required to qualify for publication. At Libel Music we receive a huge amount of press releases every day, and simply cannot chase everyone up for missing or poorly presented release information; in the case where there is missing information, or the quality is not of a good standard, the release will be discarded.

Your Press Kit should include all of the following, A High Res Photo (Please ensure name credit to photographer if required), A band / Artist overview, Release overview, Band Genre, Links to tracks you'd like included (ie your Soundcloud), All band / artist social media Links, Best Contacts for Press, Management and Bookings, Any logos or special graphics.

Once your PR release is Live, we will not keep editing it so please be careful with your words, presentation and ensure all of the details are correct first time.....oh it pays to really think about your demographic when putting this together and a little humour always goes a long way too, a good spell-check helps speed up the process to publication also.

Libel Music want to take Kiwi & Ozzie music to the world however Libel reserves the right to choose not to publish your PR release on any grounds and our decision is final.......and one last thing, we know you’re really excited to get your stuff out there, it will take a bit of time to get to publication so your patience is appreciated.....and all the loves from us here at Libel, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MUSIC LAUNCH !



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