Support acts revealed for Suzanne Vega's NZ tour


Two of New Zealand's best songwriters, Melbourne-based Lisa Crawley, and worldwide-travelling troubadour Mel Parsons, will open for Suzanne Vega in Auckland and Wellington respectively, in early August. 

Mel is in the middle of her two-month North American stint - touring extensively, and recording a new album with LA producer Mitchell Froom (co-incidently Suzanne Vega’s ex-husband and producer of two of her albums; also renowned for his production work with Crowded House). 

A long time fan of Suzanne Vega, she says she's “absolutely stoked” to be playing support for the Wellington show, and will be performing as a duo with bandmate Josh Logan. 

“I’m so excited that we get to have Suzanne in NZ, I’ve been a fan for a long time, and it’s a real honour to be opening the show.” Parsons will be performing a mix of songs from her yet to be released new record, and 2015’s Drylands album. 

Lisa Crawley - with a back catalogue that boasts two albums and three EPs, coupled with countless collaborations, tours, television appearances and acclaimed music-based projects, has well and truly earned her reputation as one of Australasia’s most well-respected musicians. 

“How wonderful! On the bill with Suzanne Vega - and a rare chance for me to play back in Auckland."

Lisa is currently in the US working towards her third album due for release early 2019. Crawley is also working on ‘Elizabeth’, a new gig-theatre collaboration with Bullet Heart Club (Daffodils). 'Elizabeth' features Crawley's original songs and stories and explores the realities of being female and a musician in the current political landscape – touching on themes of the battle for gender equality and the mental and emotional fortitude to maintain longevity in music.

Latest radio singles ‘You Got Me’ (video premiere next week!) and 'Wedding Band' showcase a singer-songwriter who has found her place in a dreamy, melodic pop world, with an edgy darkness.

Suzanne Vega and her acclaimed guitarist Gerry Leonard will perform songs from throughout her career. Her songs have connected strongly with New Zealanders over the years, earning her major chart success here with the likes of Luka, Solitude Standing, Tom’s Diner (with DNA), and Blood Make Noise.

Vega emerged as a leading figure of the folk-music revival in the early 1980s. From her self-titled 1985 to today, she has sold over seven million albums and has been nominated for seven Grammy awards.

Her Solitude Standing album was No. 1 in New Zealand and features the hits - Tom's Diner (a beautiful acapella track, subsequently re-released with DNA), and Luka - a haunting folk-pop classic written from the perspective of an abused child.

Vega has continued to musically evolve and explore. She has now released nine studio albums, her most recent being 2016’s Lover, Beloved: Songs from an Evening with Carson McCullers – the music from her play about the enigmatic author McCullers. These songs were co-written with Tony-winning composer Duncan Sheik. In the play Vega performed the leading role - seamlessly moving between spoken word and song.

Suzanne Vega

Tuesday 7 August at Bruce Mason Centre,
Takapuna, Auckland - with special guest Lisa Crawley

Wednesday 8 August at the Opera House,
Wellington - with special guest Mel Parsons

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