Savannah shares new single 'Monsters And Fairies'

Kiwi singer-songwriter Savannah has released ‘Monsters and Fairies’, the third single from her debut EP, OXYGEN

‘Monsters and Fairies’ is an empowering and poignant song which addresses mental illness. Co-written with Kiwi artist Possum Plows from Openside, it dances effortlessly between dark and light, and contains the lyric ‘Make your mind your safe place, Make your body
your home’, which Savannah wrote when she was 14 as a way of dealing with her own struggles.

Several years later, and Savannah’s ‘note to herself’ has found its way onto ‘Monsters and Fairies’, serving as a powerful message. Savannah says it also serves as a personal reminder that even when times get tough, she does have inner strength. So important is the lyric
to the 18-year-old Auckland-based artist, she has had it tattooed on her

‘Monsters and Fairies’ is accompanied by a lyric video made by critically acclaimed photographer, and film and documentary maker Amber Beaton (see above).

To celebrate New Zealand Music Month, Savannah will also be releasing two acoustic tracks recorded and captured on film also by Beaton. Savannah will release a video of the acoustic version of ‘Monsters and Fairies’.

‘Final Goodbye’ is a new song, which Savannah plans to record in a studio in the near future. “We wanted to strip the songs back to basics, which is how I wrote them. So it’s just me playing a piano in an empty church. The songs were recorded in one take. I wanted to keep the authenticity and for me it was important that I too was stripped bare. So for instance I’m wearing minimal makeup and it’s just me - I’m dressed how I would look if you ran into me on the street,” says Savannah.