Racing release video for 'Party Slow' and announce album date

Indie-rockers Racing have released the highly-anticipated video for their latest single, ‘Party Slow’.

The video for ‘Party Slow’ captures the art and adrenaline of escape, post robbery, mirroring the manic action of the tune.

Shot spontaneously in one night - directed by Dan Kircher, with Bill Bycroft as Director of Photography and starring Danu Graham - the clip documents the range of emotion flying through the mind of the escapee. At the same time, the viewer is taken on an exhilarating night-time tour of Auckland’s glorious car parks, alleyways and foodcourts.

Fear, relief, freedom and misadventure all come alive in the song and this video. Party slow, run fast!

It’s the latest installment from Racing, who are without question one of the most exciting bands on the Kiwi indie-rock scene right now.

The Auckland band - consisting up of long-time collaborators Ed Knowles and Sven Pettersen (The Checks); Daniel Barrett (Sherpa) and Izaak Houston (Space Creeps) - are set to release their debut full-length album REAL DANCING on November 9. And once again, they’repushing the boundaries of rock and roll into a world of their own.

Recorded at the famed Roundhead Studios in Auckland, as well as additional recordings done at The LAB, and mixed by the UK’s Dave Eringa (The Who, Manic Street Preachers); this is Racing in their purest form - a bustling night market of spicy grooves, smokey vocals, strange lyrics and venomous guitar tones. It all makes for an intoxicating and intriguing vibe that rolls and mutates throughout the record.

“This record is a late night joyride”, says Knowles. “REAL DANCING has lyrics that I gleaned or picked up from all over Auckland. The city is in this record somehow.

“I’m looking forward to people hearing the track ‘Sweet Bedlam’. It’s got the type of lyrical atmosphere and musical groove that we have been trying to marry together for a while.”

On REAL DANCING as a title, Racing explains that it was about people seeming temporarily suspended from the real world. “Yes, on one level it’s about when someone genuinely loses themselves to the music but it also hit us on some weirder levels. That’s why we felt the shark on the cover was connected to REAL DANCING because things like sharks are always lost in their own world, unaffected.”

Born of early hour cocktail bars in rural New Zealand or black ice drives through the Desert road, REAL DANCING captures the wild and vivid journeys that the band live while touring. This album is filled with an epicurean sensibility, Patron Anejo soaked discoesque grooves, lurid crooning and a love of the road.

"The impulsive energy we're addicted to in playing music live is in REAL DANCING but thrown through a more hypnotic lilt we made in the studio,” says Pettersen.

The album contains a string of hits, with its lead single ‘Motel Pool’ topping the NZ rock airplay charts and holding its top 10 status for a whopping 32 weeks. Other tracks ‘Devil’s Work’, ‘Misbehaving’, ‘The Bass’ and new single, ‘Party Slow’, have also received strong airplay across New Zealand.

Racing – REAL DANCING Tracklisting

Motel Pool
Drugs and Affection
Electric Honey
Devil’s Work
Move Your Body
Party Slow
Blue Gloom
Sweet Bedlam
The Alcoves
Run Wild
The Bass