Splore's programme bursts with entertainment, wellness and art


Splore has just released its full three day festival programme.

Covering seven music and performance zones the festival’s diverse content encourages an immersive experience on a piece of beachside paradise at Tapapakanga Park.

In addition to the entertainment zones, there is a dedicated ‘Rumpus Room’ for kids (with its own programme of entertainers), plus a number of roving performers and visual art and interactive installations dotted around the festival site.

 “Splore can only be described as festival heaven. We have programmed so much entertainment there is something for everyone at this beachside party”, says festival director, John Minty.

Splore is known for its community vibe, its many genres of music, cabaret performances, visual art installations, wellness workshops and forums. This year’s theme is ‘Mystic Ritual’, so expect the audience to become part of the entertainment as they dress to express the theme.


There aren’t  many parties in the world where you can swim and laze in the water all day while listening to the sounds of international and local acts.

The highlights of Splore’s international music line-up include Dizzee Rascal, Chronixx, Omar and Mark de Clive Lowe, and viral sensation Too Many Zooz.

The music programme is jam-packed with New Zealand’s top DJ talent, musicians and bands with the likes of New Telepathics and newly formed Wellington group Stretchfoot. 

Visual Art

Once again, Splore presents a stunning selection of bright, bold, and down-right quirky art installations woven in and around the festival site. Colourful bunting, hanging chandeliers and interactive art installations will light up the night.

The art aims to challenge festival goers to interact, contemplate, reflect and wonder. Watch out for an unmanned spotlight that will randomly scan a public area detecting people when they walk by. The spotlight begins to follow the people walking, soon revealing its character as it starts to play its own game, leading them in various directions within the space.

As always, there will be plenty to see in the day time, with illuminated light works adding magic to the night.

Cabaret party in Yealand’s Living Lounge.

Don on your wildest outfit and get ready for New Zealand’s greatest dress up party, Splore’s Saturday night cabaret party ‘The Temple of Midnight Mantra’ will be a night not forgotten. Hosted by MC Miss Tique, Saturday night’s entertainment starts with Japanese band KAO=S and ends at 2.30am with a Barry Ashworth DJ set. In-between is an eclectic selection of quality acts and entertainers.

Empress Stah, flying in from the UK will enthral the audience with her one and only laser butt plug performance, incorporating aerial silks and laser light technologies.

Wellness Central

Following the success of last year, Splore has brought back Wellness Central - a zone dedicated to wellness. This programme invites festival goers to experience, connect, and engage with a range of rejuvenation and healing techniques used to relax, nurture and nourish the soul.

Catch yourself sinking deeper into the depths of bliss as experienced natural health practitioners guide you ­­­through techniques such as Indian Head Massage, Soul Landry Yoga, Flower Essence Therapy, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, and Somatic Restoration.

Attend one of the free workshops or book into one of the health practitioners for a one-on-one treatment.

Kids are people too and the Rumpus Room returns to provide a weekend of programmed entertainment for the little ones.

Parents can take time out with the young ones away from the bustle of the festival. For older kids, Splore has a program that embraces creativity where they learn new skills.

Children under twelve are free, Splore also offers free and reserved camping areas for families of all sizes.

Sustainability continues to underpin the festival with the LOVE THIS SPACE, LEAVE NO TRACE mantra. The festival continues working towards its goal of being zero waste with initiatives from transport to recycling.

Splore delivers a plethora of unforgettable memories and maybe this is why couples decide to get married at Splore. Splore has hosted many weddings where couples who revel in the loving vibes of the festival can surround themselves with friends and family for the weekend. Splore has two weddings booked in with celebrant and long time Splorer and friend Hilary Ord conducting the nuptials.


February 23 - 25: Deerys Rd, Orere Point

Tickets via www.splore.net

Music Artists and Performance acts announced so far include:

Dizzee Rascal, Chronixx, Omar/MdCL, Too Many Zooz, Black Milk, RIA Hall, Courtesy, Racing, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, KAO=S, Kody Nielson, DJ MK, Raiza Biza, Bonaparte, John Morales, My Baby, Barry Ashworth, The Nudge, Aroha & Tali, Mama Snake, Lady Flic,Frank Booker, Marcelinho Da Lua, Eastern Bloc, Hopetoun Brown, Kuki Koori, New Telepathics, DUAL, Clicks, Greg Churchill, Lady Flic, K2K, Eddie Mac, Manuel Bundy, Dylan C, Logg Cabin, Cave Circles, Imagine This, Ribera, Takas, Dastardly Bounder, Cian, Regrooved Sound System, The Acetones, Bobby Brazuka, Dubhead, Pippin, Mr Big Stuff, Jamie Newman, Hudge, Lauren Fong, Oaariki, Guy Johnson, Ethan James, The Nukes, DJ Balkanetic, Centuries, FJ, Lizzie Tollemache, Empress Stah, Christopher Olwage, Jair and Jess Ramirez, Dynamotion, Flow Academy, Dust Palace, 3 Ring Riot, Superhero Secondline