New Music Radar: Hold Out, The Dead Amigos

Forming in early 2016 from the most unlikely late-night encounter, The Dead Amigos have been unrelenting in spreading their unique sound across Australia. A blend of blues-y stoner rock, psychedelia and funk, the St Kilda four-piece is back with their first single since their debut: Hold Out.

Produced by rock legend Tyson Fish (The Living End, Dropkick Murphys, Bad//Dreems), Hold Out encapsulates the struggles faced by up and coming bands. In a scene dominated by noise restrictions and lock-out laws, The Dead Amigos hope to give a voice to those struggling to be heard.

Lead singer, Max, describes the song: "In an age where guitar music is being told to turn down, 'Hold Out' is the anthem of raising a middle finger to the establishment. It's a song that ignites a fire in listeners trying to find their own voice. A song with a message to keep doing what you love, to just keep holding out."

Accompanying the single release, is the music video for Hold Out which features the band performing live from a sunny Melbourne rooftop.

Hold out is available worldwide now via Xray Records.