Introducing Brisbane's newest venue: The Outpost

Introducing Brisbane’s Newest Venue
The Outpost

launch party featuring Major Leagues, Greta Stanley, Married Man & Colts

Major League

Major League

Within the four walls of The Fortitude Music Hall, lies The Outpost. Brisbane’s newest 300 capacity multipurpose venue that will feature a diverse program of artists, an impressive drinks menu featuring a cocktail list curated by the talented team at Proof & Company, and a 3am licence.

The Outpost’s legacy stems from Brisbane dive bar of the same name that was an integral part of the vibrant underworld that made the city so unique; it is a celebration of Brisbane’s rich musical history from the late 70s post punk era.

Venue director John Collins remembers the original Outpost fondly. “My first ever gig was at The Outpost. I was 16 and was hyper-aware to a new world opening up to me. However, this Outpost is no dive bar. The team have created a stunning space that equally accommodates afterwork cocktails, pre-dinner drinks, and will nurture artists, offering them a springboard onto the Fortitude stage in tours to come. We hope it will have the same impact on patrons as its namesake had on me.”

The breezy guitars and sun-soaked melodies of Brisbane four-piece Major Leagues will be joined by Greta Stanley, Married Man and Colts to launch the venue on Thursday August 1st.

The Outpost will be a place filled with stories of intimate performances, sweaty rock shows, strong whiskey, sweet rum, fancy cocktails and freewheeling fun. You’re welcome to join us.

Thursday 1 August, 2019 - The Outpost Launch ft. Major Leagues, Greta Stanley, Married Man & Colts
Friday 2 August, 2019 - Osaka Punch with Street Pieces, Sum Of Us.
Saturday 3 August, 2019 - Sweater Curse with Rathammock!, Felivand & Sycco
Friday 16 August, 2019 - Bullhorn – Brass Before Class Tour w/ special guests
Saturday 17 August, 2019 - Natural Selections Vol1. Ft Sampology
Saturday 31 August, 2019 - Peter Cullen & the Hurt album launch, with Mexico City & Karl S Williams