Ladi6 shares single & music video for 'Diagonals'

Ladi6 is the group project of vocalist Ladi Tamati, and an over abundantly talented trio of producers in the shape of her partner Parks, drummer Julien Dyne and keyboard player Brandon Haru.

Currently touring internationally with long time compadres Fat Freddy’s Drop, Ladi6 today release the next chapter in their spellbinding story with new single, Diagonals.

Diagonals is based on the idea of being comfortable with who you are, a celebration and acceptance of all that is skewed, uncommon and twisted, a happy detachment and departure from that which is linear and typical in the best most Ladi6 way possible.

With mesmerising vocal and synth interplay, Kraftwerk-esque modular flourishes and a singular, infectious, Afro soul bounce, Diagonals builds on the foundations of 2017’s multi-award-winning, groundbreaking triumph, the Royal Blue 3000 EP.

The video for Diagonals is a collaboration with Garth Badger and his team of experts at the Thievery studio in Auckland. Thievery has become an important part of the Ladi6 family due to the undeniable and instant creative synergy between the two. Ladi6 also introduces two new additions to the creative energy of the live shows as well as the unquestionable on-screen talent of dynamic dance duo The Sixers.

Diagonals is the opening salvo in a series of three singles that will lead up to the fourth full length Ladi6 album, currently scheduled for September 2019.

In a batshit crazy 2018, Diagonals is advocating for the unconventional, and riding for the non-confo