Interview: This Way North


Melbourne duo This Way North are heading to New Zealand this June, touring on the back of their latest release EP Vol. 2.

Consisting of drummer/vocalist Cat Leahy and guitarist/vocalist Leisha Jungalwalla, This Way North will be a part of a very special night in Auckland called ‘Sass the Patriarchy’ an event they have been running in Australia. This Way North will be teaming up with the crew running ‘Some Feminist Club Nights’ for a unique performance and evening at the Wine Cellar to celebrate and empower women in music and discuss strategies to improve equality in the industry.

We sent Leisha some questions to find out more about the new EP and their impending NZ tour.

You recently released EP Vol. 2. Where did you record the EP? 

We recorded it in Toronto in an old converted 1800's barn that is now a beautiful studio.

How long did the process take? 

It took a long time because Toronto is a loooooonng way from Melbourne, we went and recorded the first part in 2016 and then went back last year and finished off the EP.

You’re touring NZ next month.  The Auckland show sees you team with the crew running ‘Some Feminist Club Nights’ to celebrate and empower women in music. How much do you think equality has changed within the music industry, and how much do you think it still has to go? 

Yes! We are really excited to team up with the 'Some Feminist Club Nights' crew, we have been running our own event called Sass the Patriarchy in Australia and through it, we've really learnt just how far there is to go. It is certainly changing for sure which is positive but it's not changing as quickly as it can, given how much information, data and study has been done in this field and what the results have produced.

Audiences and the music industry has all this knowledge yet is very slow to move on actively fixing the problem. This is where we are trying (with Sass the Patriarchy) to promote strategies that audiences and industry can go and use immediately to help keep the improvement happening. 

You’ll be playing six dates throughout New Zealand. Have you travelled much here before? 

We visited a couple of times last year to tour and just loved it, the people, music scene, scenery and environment is awesome. 

For someone who hasn’t seen This Way North perform before, what can we expect from your shows?

We are pretty high energy, we don't really hide that we have heaps of fun on stage playing music together and our songs have a great range from chilled beats, pop to rock. 

Do you have a favourite song to perform live?  

I love playing one of our chilled songs 'Lie to Me' it's one song I can get really lost on. But they are all super fun!

Last year you played the Dawson City Music Festival in the Yukon, just south of the Arctic Circle. That must have been quite an experience?

That was amazing, it didn't ever get completely dark which was a weird experience at a festival where everyone is partying, it looked like 5 in the afternoon when it was 11 at night! They are so remote that their music and arts culture is really celebrated and therefore really strong. 

Following the NZ tour, what plans does This Way North have then?

We head straight back to Canada after the NZ tour! We are playing there over a couple of months and have some more amazing places we get to go and visit which is really exciting! 

This Way North

Thu June 7th - The Wine Cellar for Some Feminist Club Nights and Sass the Patriarchy, Auckland

Fri June 8th - The Butter Factory, Whangarei

Sat June 9th - The Incubator, Tauranga w Airs and Disgraces Sun 10th - The Rouge Stage, Rotorua

Wed June 13th - The Blue Pub, Methven

Thu June 14th - Lyttleton Records, Lyttleton w Fraser Mckenzie Fri 15th - Scotts Brewing, Oamaru

Sat June 16th - The Mussel Inn, Golden Bay

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