First Show Announced for The Fortitude Music Hall: Architects

Curated By Secret Sounds, Live Nation and the Triffid team


British metalcore outfit Architects take the coveted spot of being the first band to announce a show at the anticipated new Brisbane music venue, The Fortitude Music Hall on August 8th, 2019.

“We’re as excited as hell to have Architects be one of the first acts to scorch the stage of Fortitude Music Hall. The venue is going to be open to an incredibly diverse array of programming. Already we’re in talks with some of Australia & the world’s largest touring acts, as well as comedy, children's shows & some very cool surprises,” says head booker Mark Gibbons.

The Fortitude Music Hall offers a music or event space for 3300, with flexible flooring and seating for variations of concerts for 1200 and 2000, with a smaller upstairs ‘bar-style’ venue for about 300.

“If you go and play in Sydney, Melbourne or across the world there are beautiful old theatres you can play in. There’s the Olympia in Dublin, or the Apollo in London. Just these beautiful theatres and we just don’t have any. The idea is to create that sort of feeling,” says venue director John Collins.

The Fortitude Music Hall is a joint venture with Secret Sounds, Live Nation and the Triffid team and is due to open mid-2019.