Falling In Reverse

Photos by  Leah Victoria

Photos by Leah Victoria

By Teylor Moss

Artist: Falling In Reverse

Date / Venue: Wednesday October 12th, 2016 - The Powerstation, Auckland

To start the night off, the opening act Written By Wolves, played an amazing half an hour set or so. Warming up the crowd and having a great time, they had an amazing stage presence and great talent, the crowd was loving it!

Then it was time for Falling In Reverse to take over the stage consisting of Ronnie Radke, Christian Thompson, Ryan Seaman, Zakk Sandler and Derek Jones

Starting their set of with a bang and cheers, they annihilated the stage acing every beat and note. But unfortunately due to sound,  I couldn’t really hear the lead guitarist over the drums, such a shame because he was shredding it like crazy!

Ronnie did not disappoint, the sass king had one of the best stage personas I have seen, with so much attitude in every note, step and wave. Its hard to take away his title, I was unbelievably impressed by the band's vibe and how well they play together. 

I was so shocked when Ronnie whipped out some rap, I did not see that coming, but he nailed it! Adding a unique taste to the music, that keeps you listening. 

Playing a few songs from Ronnie's former band Escape The Fate and as Ronnie said ‘ Isn’t it nice to hear the actual singer, singing this’. So much sass. 

I found, that this was quite a short concert, two and a half hours long. But it was still an amazing night and the crowd was loving it, I saw some people singing every song word for word! 

It was such a nostalgic night for me and I had a great time, but if the sound had of been better, and I heard the guitar solos more. It would have been even more amazing. Thank you to the bands and the fans who came and made it a great night.