Concert Review with PHOTOS: Steven Adler


By Teylor Moss

Artist: Steven Adler

Date / Venue: Thursday May 24th: The Powerstation, Auckland

The former Guns N’ Roses star Steven Adler has made his way to New Zealand, bringing with him Adler’s Appetite The Australasian Tour. What made this show so special and a one of a kind experience (other than seeing the legendary Steven Adler play live) was the Q&A portion of the show, with the iconic mother and son duo Deanna Adler and Steven Adler. Following the Q&A we get the full experience of the masterpiece album: Appetite For Destruction, with Adler's new band consisting of Steven Adler- drums, Michael Thomas- lead guitar, Constantine Maroulis- vocals, Sean McNabb - bass and Carl Restivo- rhythm guitar

Hosting the interview is Bryce Casey from The Rock. He introduced the pair and the Adler's arrive on stage greeted by applause and cheers and greeting the crowd in return. After a warm welcome, Deanna and Steven take their seats on very comfortable chairs (black leather).

Bryce made sure the Adler's were settled and ready to go, then got the ball rolling. One of the first questions asked for Deanna was “What was it like to have Steven Adler as your son when Appetite For Destruction debuted and was top of the charts?” Deanna replied “It was awful, watching him get addicted to drugs then taking it too far and overdosing, going from stroke to coma…” Steven interrupted: “But I'm sitting here, still alive!” and the crowd went crazy. The interview continued down the path of sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll and inspiration as Steven shared with us that he is now four and half years sober and has a better relationship with all his loved ones. Bryce asked “What is your relationship with Axl now?” Steven responded “ I wish to always have a friend in Axl because when we get together it's like magic.”

If you’re wanting to know more about Steven Adler's incredibly crazy life, buy the books: Sweet Child Of Mine written by Deanna Adler or My Appetite For Destruction by Steven Adler.

After a quick intermission, Steven returned to the stage ready to show a different side of him and to show off the talented members of his band. Opening with Reckless Life to showcase the bands incredible talent individually and as a whole. Everyone was so on point G’N’R would be proud, Constantine was a great front man charging across the stage and demanding the audience to jump and sing the night away, but even hidden behind the drum kit Steven Adler had all eyes on him - grinning from behind the symbols you could see that he was made for this, in a world of his own. But that still wasn't enough. A five minute drum solo from the legend himself was in order. Showing of all the incredible technique he has hidden away behind his hair, using rim shots, paradiddles, flams and about 20 other rudiments. All with incredible control and style, exuding confidence and comfortability.It was truly amazing and hypnotizing to watch.

Returning to a whole they played on and performed my all time favorite song: Rocket Queen (AAHH) I was incredibly blown away, they nailed it and were having a ..blast.. doing so.

They bowed out and did the  ol' “thank you Auckland goodnight!” (so good). The crowd did the synchronized 4/4 beat hand clap for the encore chant and Adler's Appetite returned for more, finishing the show with the iconic songs: Welcome To The Jungle and Paradise City. This show was undoubtedly one of the best concerts I have been to, it was comfortable, loud, fun and oozing with jaw dropping talent. I can't wait ‘till they return, you'll find me there.

Set list:

Reckless Life

It's So Easy

Night train

Mr. Brownstone

My Michelle

Sweet Child O' Mine

Anything Goes

Think About You

Civil War

Drum Solo

You Could Be Mine

Rocket Queen


Welcome To The Jungle

Paradise City