Concert Review with PHOTOS: Six60

Photos by Reef Reid

Photos by Reef Reid

By Lisa Diedricks

Artist: Six60

Date / Venue: Saturday January 13th, 2018 - Villa Maria Winery, Auckland

If I was ever sad that summer was over, then last night’s Six60 show proved me wrong! Set up at Auckland’s beautiful Villa Maria, Six60, along with international guest’s stars Nico & Vinz, and NZ’s own Kings, completely took back the summer holiday and gave it to the people.

The weather completely played its part and dedicated itself to bringing a ground-breaking performance of what a kiwi day is meant to feel like. With age groups ranging from the wee ones to the silver foxes, everyone was there to have a good time and listen to some classic kiwi tunes. The band have been touring for a while now and have been nothing short of amazing, the stage production, the lights, the sound, everything was on point and perfect for the Saturday afternoon.

As we arrived, you could already taste the kiwi-ness in the air, as hordes of families made their way through the gates with picnic chairs, plaited blankets, snacks beyond snacks to get us through the day. Villa Maria did not disappoint when it came to bringing the wine, as they are known to do, they had a wide selection for all to choose from, and I must say it was bliss enjoying a glass of Rose under the sun and people watching and listening to the tunes!

My man Kings was the first one up for the day, and as I have seen him perform many of times before, yesterday’s performance was one of his best for me. Not only did he have the crowd rocking out to his new album, he boomeranged it back with the classics and brought everyone to their feet. It’s been incredible watching this dude’s success and humility wave through NZ’s music industry. He had an incredible year last year, and also took home a few awards at NZVMAs which solidified his name in who to watch in the next couple of years, he knows how to get the crowd hyped, and he knows how to enjoy himself on stage. With his band completing the sound and energy on stage, hit songs like “Y.C.S.W.U” “We’ll Never Know” and “Paradise” were definitely stand out songs for me.

Flowing onto the stage was Norwegian superstars Nico & Vinz, for their first time ever in New Zealand, they were adamant to put on a show of a lifetime for us fans! Stating “we have never had reception like this beyond our own country, so this is incredible for us and NZ will always have a special place in our hearts” had the crowd buzzing, as they truly put on a terrific performance. With their rhythm and hip shaking beats, the dynamic duo knew how to get the crowd dancing and singing along. Chart toppers like, “Am I Wrong” and “In Your Arms” had the entire Villa Maria on their feet, and singing along to the throwback bangers, and with new tunes such as “What I Came Out For” and “So Bad” from their 2017 EP tied their entire set together. The boys have been touring with Six60 since they started, and have loved every minute, saying cheekily, “Before this tour, I thought the only kiwi was the fruit…” “but now you guys got us singing Don’t forget your roots all day!”

The crowd waited in anticipation, as set up were made and lights were dimmed for the main boys to hit their stage. Matiu, Marlon, Ji, Chris and Eli rolled on through in true kiwi style and got stuck right into it, with the classic “Only To Be” and let me tell you, those first few chords from the guitar that soared through the air gave me the ultimate chills. That is my fav Six60 song and to kick off with that, I knew I was not going to sit down the rest of the night.

I’ve seen the boys play more times than I can count, I was part of the few that actually got to see them play at their OG house 660 down in Otago, so I’m a fan through and through. To see their shows doubling in size every single tour, makes me incredibly proud to support them and know they have never stopped pushing. This tour especially consisted of new and old jams and it was perfect and their recent release of the EP has some seriously great tracks. Throwbacks like “Green Bottles” “Don’t Forget Your Roots” and “Finest Wine” made its status appearance, bringing the crowd to simultaneous harmonising, and the latest tracks such as “Rolling Stone” “Rivers” and “Closer” bringing the crowd to dancing frenzy.

The part I loved the most was the stripped-down versions of both “Rise Up” and “Mothers Eyes” which almost brought a lot of tears. The boys just have this undeniable, effortless and breathtaking performance every time they hit a stage, whether it be the smallest of crowds or playing for the biggest, they bring constant love, dedication and soul to their shows. They are the most down to earth and funniest guys, and I won’t deny it, Matiu’s voice and Eli’s drumming has this girl swooned. The drum battle between Eli and Chris had me feeling some type of way, cause there is no way this girl can resist a drummer!

The show was concluded with the band performing their number one hit “Don’t Give it Up” which was the perfect way to end the perfect day! If I wasn’t already excited for their album, I’m damn well excited now. From the food trucks, to the wine stands, to the well-organized toilet line flow – no pun intended, but always time for one – the event as a whole was 10/10 in my eyes, perfect Saturday to spend with your mates and loved ones. Smiles all round, and that what kiwi summers are meant to be, so thank you Kings, Nico and Vinz and of course Six60 for bringing us a brief but memorable taste of our summer vibes!