Concert Review with PHOTOS: Post Malone

Photos by Megan Moss

Photos by Megan Moss

By Zoë Reid
Artist: Post Malone

Date / Venue: Monday January 15th, 2018 - Trusts Arena, Auckland

Hip-Hop artist Post Malone comes across as such a hilarious and sincere character in his interviews, and on stage he's just as charming. He checked if everyone in the crowd was doing okay multiple times throughout the show, even calling out to security to make sure one girl wasn’t getting hurt in the melee up front. He’s just that nice.

Ever since his seemingly quick rise to fame after releasing the hit single White Iverson (2015), Austin Post (professionally known as Post Malone) has regularly been one of the guys to keep an eye out for. The release of his debut album Stoney (2016) was a total hit earning him a place on the Billboard Top 100 with hits such as I Fall Apart, Deja Vu ft. Justin Bieber and Congratulations ft. Quavo. His knack for consistently staying in the charts and rising popularity was evident on the night. There was a clear atmosphere of excitement and every word was sung right back at him. 

Popular singles White Iverson and Deja Vu were belted out with Post’s signature twang, who was more than pleased with the crowd’s energy. In return he treated us to an emotional rendition on guitar on Feeling Whitney leaving everyone mesmerised, and showed us an impressive example of the American born Rapper’s versatility, in both genre, vocals and guitar playing.

With a sly diss to some of the famous people of today’s generation, Big Lie was dedicated to the issue of ‘Instagram flexing’, calling out those who claim they have the cars, the Rolex’s and the mansions when really, “I’m pretty sure I saw that house on Air bnb”. It was a message of frustration with today’s mentality of needing extravagant trophies simply to show it off, which even the crowd could relate to, thanks to the current popularity of social media. 

Ending the show with arguably one of his biggest hits Congratulations, he related the story of how when growing up his peers would really “Put him down” and try to discourage the whole musical route he was taking. They’re clearly all eating their words now the 22 year old singer, who started off on SoundCloud no less, is selling out shows all over the world. It’s a proud moment for the young but wise rapper, and everyone was more than happy to revel in the moment with him. 

There’s no doubt about it, Post is a super unique guy. From his look, to his excellent fusion of Country/Rock/Pop and Hip Hop, this will definitely lead to an interesting new album in the months to come. With last nights sold-out New Zealand show being the last leg of the tour, he truly gave the audience a stunning show to remember.