Concert Review with PHOTOS: P!NK


By Lisa Diedricks

Artist: P!NK

Date / Venue: Tuesday September 4th, 2018 - Spark Arena, Auckland

Throughout these few years of writing and reviewing shows here in Auckland, I’ve come across a lot that heed my expectation of diverse, spectacular and even just breathtaking. There have been shows that have left my ears ringing, shows that have proved me wrong about artists, and shows that have warmed my heart undoubtedly. Last night I had the pleasure once again to head off to another show, and this time, there was no hiding the fact that I was there as a number one fan. P!NK, also known as Alecia Moore, opened up her Auckland concert last night and what you are about to read is pretty much a fan letter from me to her, fair warning.

I arrived thinking I was coming to see one of my all time favourite artists perform - little did I know OR expect, P!NK's definition of “performance” was beyond my wildest imagination. Without question this is one of her most demanding shows, both physically and mentally and she proved to everyone in that arena that she can do it. We will get into logistics later.

If you need a more visual representation of what it looked like, well first off you can check my insta story, but more importantly think of it as a “mere”, “P!NK meets Cirque du Soleil” - an artistic interpretation at Auckland’s Spark Arena.

The show was promoted to start at 8:30pm, but as we all know, that’s just so everyone can get their behinds seated and hyped for the show. This didn't seem to bother many as the tour's opening acts The Rubens and DJ Kid Cut Up had the whole arena dancing and singing along. Seriously that DJ was a god!

As 9pm rolled around the lights grew dim and the roar of excited fans echoed through - the beginning chords of 'Get The Party Started' began to play and I immediately felt nostalgia through my body. I didn't have much time to reminisce about 12 year old Lisa dancing with a brush in her hand. As I looked slightly up the woman of the hour was hanging from a chandelier reciting the first verse of the song. Her dancers filled every inch of the stage, yet you could count them all on both hands, acrobats, yes acrobats, I told you guys, Cirque du Soleil! Swinging from left to right, the visual intensity of the movie screen and stage lights - and there she was, the OG rebel herself.

If there was a way to 'Get the Party Started', this was it. Pun intended as always. I’ll mention this a few times, but the fact that she was bouncing, swinging, flipping you name it, AND she was singing. I cannot even being to express the amount of absolute awe and impressed love I have in me right now. I’m still overwhelmed with this show.

P!NK is not just a singer-songwriter - she's also a dancer, trapeze artist and a pretty damn funny comedian. She joked throughout the night about her life, the tour, her family, expressed her love for us Kiwis and that she had decided that Canadians are no longer the nicest people in this world, we are. So be proud of that Aotearoa.

The set-list I must say was actually very well thought out. It catered to the OG fans who have been with her since her iconic pink hair, rebel WITH a cause, and the ones who now know her as the impressive  blonde mother-of-two beautiful babies, Willow and Jameson.

The tour's name 'Beautiful Trauma' was performed along with hits - 'Just Like A Pill' (which on a side note, was by far one of her greatest songs), 'Funhouse' and 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' made an epic appearance. There was even a small tribute to another punk queen Gwen Stefani, who P!NK, proudly stated is one of her idols. Probably one of the coolest and witty performances of the night was her chart topper 'Revenge' where rap GOD Eminem features. For obvious reasons, the man himself couldn't be there, but that didn't stop the stage production to whip up something just as amazing. What you ask? How about a 5-6 metre blow up blimp of Eminem. Well that's exactly what we got, with a blow up mic attached to his hand, his verse powered through the entire arena. Oh and then P!NK got attached to a harness and then pretty much had a 1 v 1 battle with the blow up, I mean you just can't make this stuff up, it was too funny.

Emotions and full attention was soon in check as P!NK played a pre-recorded message, with a pre-packaged video that informed the audience the importance of acceptance and love in a world filled with rejection and hate. She went on to explain her vision for a world without discrimination, without borders, or forced family separation. A world without gay marriage - but rather, just a loving marriage. It was beautiful the way the entire arena fell silent to take it all in, not because one of their favourite artists were speaking but because the message was so powerful in general.

As the night grew, we were introduced to each and every cast member of the show. The musicians, the back-up singers, the dancers and even her daughter Willow Sage, came running onto stage, which the crowd roared with cheers.

Before we end this incredible dedicated review, I just have to re-shuffle my thoughts and really put into words what this show meant to me.

For years, I have followed PINK and her music, and for years she’s been a high standard of role model for girls like me, her strength within this industry and her “I will not conform” attitude is seriously one of the most respected and iconic of all time. Her rebel WITH a cause energy triumphs more than most today and her love for her fans is something that I’ve always admired. She’s more than just a voice, she’s a god damn inspiration and I am so lucky that for the 18 years I've been supporting her I was finally able to witness one of the greats live in concert. Hands down this show will go down as one of the most greatest shows I have every witnessed. There’s not a lot of concerts that leave my jaw dropped and wondering “but really, how does she do this?”.

And then, the big number. The one that was spoken about in all reviews and all social media platforms. The all recognisable and jaw dropping 'So What'. It’s funny that one song needs its own introduction even on a review but once you see the clips you will understand. Just when I thought it couldn't get even more incredible, it did.

P!NK was once again suspended in mid-air, this time flying through the entire arena, on a double ended swing. At one point she flew right over me (I’m sure my phone touched her hand, or maybe it was just be shaking from pure shock at what I was witnessing?). I really found myself searching for flaws, as most shows would have at least one or two, but there were NONE. P!NK showed us what it meant to embody and demonstrated what it means to live and breathe artistic perfection.

And then all of a sudden it was 11pm and the show was over. I wanted more, I just needed to see more of her, I could have happily sat through another two hours of what I had just personally experienced.

It was in this moment I realised, the love and dedicated support I have for this woman was undeniably at its peak, like always seeing your favourites perform live always gives you a new sense of admiration for them, and in this case it was no different. She exceeded beyond my expectation ten fold. If you have the opportunity to see any of her shows either here, I suggest you do it and don’t think about it, you 1000% will not be disappointed.

P!NK's run of Auckland shows at the Spark Arena continues, with performances on September 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th & 11th. Limited tickets still available via Ticketmaster