Concert Review with PHOTOS: Paul McCartney

Photos by Leah Victoria

Photos by Leah Victoria

By Gareth Johnston

Artist: Paul McCartney

Saturday December 16th: Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

Auckland was in fine singing form on Saturday night, when Sir Paul McCartney rolled his One on One juggernaut into town on it's final performance of the tour.

The audience was a multi generational hodge podge of all ages and creeds that had flocked to Mt Smart to see one of the biggest acts of the last 50 years. Raptorous applause and a standing ovation greeted Sir Paul and his band of talented musicians as they kicked straight into A Hard Day's Night.

Bang. Hit after hit then proceeded to follow. Beatles songs, Wings songs. They all served to kick up the tempo and crowd enjoyment. His voice tonight was firm and strong, still hitting the high notes with all the ease of the practiced veteran that he is. Sir Paul performed with the energy of someone half his age. A wonderful example of how a vegetarian diet and regular post gig 'Margie', can keep you looking and sounding so full of life. 

Can't Buy Me Love had the crowd on their feet singing and dancing. By the time the classic Wings track 'Jet' (the first of several tracks from Band On The Run) rolled in, Sir Paul had the crowd eating vegetarian snacks out of the palm of his hand. The skill that Sir Paul and his band showed on stage was phenomenal. Special shout out to the epic drummer - Abe Laboriel Jnr.

In between the songs Sir Paul had little gems of personal history, mentioning musical greats like Hendrix and the Stones, all incredible personal anecdotes that showed how this man has had a hand in some of the greatest musical & historical moments of the last century.

Yes, there were moments of cheesiness and nolstagia but you knew another great song was just three minutes away at the most from raising the metaphorical Mt Smart roof.

Highlights were of course The Beatles hits. Eleanor Rigby sent shivers down your spine and we were treated to beautiful rendition of 'Something' on a Gibson Ukulele, which formed part of a wonderful tribute to George Harrison. One of many tributes to his former bandmates & departed loved ones.

And then there were fireworks. A blistering rendition of Live and let Die lit up the Auckland night sky as the night started drawing to a close. The encore didn't disappoint with 'Mull of Kintyre', 'Helter Skelter' and a final nod to Abbey Road with 'Carry that Weight' and the aptly named 'The End'. Thank you Sir Paul.