Concert Review with PHOTOS: Fall Out Boy

Photos by Megan Blackwell

Photos by Megan Blackwell

By Teylor Moss

Artist: Fall Out Boy

Date / Venue: Wednesday March 7th, 2018 - Trusts Arena, Auckland

All the way from Illinois, Chicago, the well known punk/rock band Fall Out Boy returned to our shores, for their M A N I A tour. Bringing with them from our home town, Auckland New Zealand Openside.

At the venue their was a wide assortment of people like a vast character pick and mix. Proving that this band can get everyone to dance.

Openside started the night off for us with their 45 minute set, which the crowd was living for. The arena quickly filled to all sides and a hum of chatter buzzed around the walls, probably talking about how amazing Openside was and how entertaining they were to watch. There was so much energy dripping off each of them, especially singer Possum Plows. They seemed as though they were having the best time performing on stage and were so grateful to get the chance to open for Fall Put Boy.

After a quick re-set of the stage,the venue went black, a large screen behind the stage lit up and had a ten second countdown...

The crowd were screaming the numbers as they counted down, 3.2.1.. perfectly on queue Fall Out Boy emerged on stage and greeted the crowd, opening with one of their hit songs The Phoenix. The crowd reacted by screaming the lyrics in sync with Patrick Stump and jumping along with Pete Wentz.

Throughout the set they had a giant screen behind them that were playing video clips for you to watch (which is nice when you're as short as me and can't see the band). Midway through the set Andy Hurley did a mixtape sort of drum solo, where he drummed over famous songs such as Humble, showing us all how talented he really is on the drums. Shortly after Andy's solo Pete Wentz appeared on a platform towards the back of the venue and continued playing his bass from afar. The crowd were going insane being so close to him, I'm surprised he didn't get pulled down off the platform. He returned to his band on stage and they carried out the rest of the show together. Joe Trohman looked so cool and collected on stage, shredding the guitar away in his spot. It seemed like the stage was his second home.

They rounded up their set and exited the stage, followed by roaring applause and a strong demand for an encore, after a few minutes of teasing they entered back on stage and played four more songs.

I'd like to thank Fall Out Boy for coming all the way out to New Zealand to perform for us and for Openside for being a great opening act and hyping the crowd. I'd also like to thank all the crew that helped make this event possible and run as smoothly as it did.


- The Phoenix

- Irresistible

- Hum Hallelujah

- Sugar we're going down

- Immortals

- Stay frosty royal milk tea

- Centuries

- Save rock and roll

- The last of the real ones

- Young and menace

- Dance, dance

- Wilson

- I don't care

- This ain’t a scene, it's an arms race

- Hold me tight or don't

- Grand theft autumn/ where's your boy

- Thanks for the memories

- Champion


- Thriller

- Uma Thurman

- My songs know what you did in the dark

- Saturday