Concert Review with PHOTOS: Devilskin

Photos by Mark Derricutt

Photos by Mark Derricutt

By Mark Derricutt

Artist: Devilskin with special guests Seas Of Conflict & Skinny Hobos 

Date / Venue: Wednesday January 3rd, 2018 - Pettigrew Green Arena, Napier

A humid and slightly damp outlook started Hawke's Bay's New Year last night as Devilskin completed their three stop New Year tour of New Plymouth, Wellington, and finishing up here in Napier at the Pettigrew Green Arena . Along for the ride were fellow Hamiltonian's Seas of Conflict and Auckland based Skinny Hobos.

With the lineup on offer tonight, it's only the venue/setup on my mind for how the show would sound. This was the first time I'd been to Pettigrew Green Arena, a venue designed for Basketball (and including a gym, and subway) but adaptable for a host of scenarios. I wasn't sure what to expect, I'm used to narrow venues with depth however this was unusually wide. Merchandise to the left, beer and other drinks to the right, and outside hot chips and assorted food - all leaving the stage in the middle which offered ample room for 550+ Hawkes Bay rock lovers to mingle as both Seas of Conflict and Skinny Hobos set the mood for the night.

As Devilskin hit the stage with one of the most impressive light shows I've seen this year (hah) and that meandering crowd and ample room disappeared as everyone move as close to the barriers as possible. Being so wide however meant no one was overly crushed and plenty of people managed to be "in the front row", it was hot, it was humid, there was sweat, and there was rock - and we all loved it.

It's always a pleasure seeing Nail, Paul and Jennie work the crowds as they do and last night was no exception.

I dare say that Devilskin have already set the bar high for upcoming performances this year - a challenge to which I'm sure - THEY WILL RISE.