Concert Review with PHOTOS: Yelawolf

Photos by Megan Moss

Photos by Megan Moss

By Teylor Moss

Artist: Yelawolf

Date / Venue: Thursday, December 14th - Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland

It's Just under one year and Alabaman rapper YELAWOLF is back here on the sunny shores of New Zealand, he Continues to build up his fan base from his last performance at the bay dreams festival (January 2017).

YELAWOLF is known for his diverse range in genres, hip-hop/ rock/ country… You'll always find a song you like.

Every inch of the floor was covered with screaming YELAWOLF fans; all yelling the song lyrics right back at him. One fan (in the tye-dye shirt) managed to actually climb up to the lighting booth above the upstairs balcony, although he got a shout out from YELAWOLF himself; security came and quite roughly removed him even though he was being compliant, he was practically thrown down the ladder. Other than the one event the rest of the security and staff were incredibly friendly and doing a good job at assisting everyone.

During his performance, YELAWOLF stopped and talked to the crowd for a while and mentioned the love he has for his grandma. He wrote a song for her; a song she could understand what he was saying: American You (Queue the awws).  YELAWOLF looked like he was having a great time on stage with his band and also with the audience, talking about us hobbits and surprisingly not about the sheep!

Introducing his band; Franky one finger as the DJ, Grant Benziger as the guitar/ banjo player, Stix and bones (Keegan Kelly) on Drums

These men worked with YELAWOLF as well as whiskey in a bottle and a cigarette, their on-stage presence together is quite amazing to watch while they hype the crowd to very sweaty standards.

At the beginning of the show, I thought the speakers were crackly, but after a quick fix the sound was superb and YELAWOLF continued to blow us away.

After giving us a kick up the ass by saying Wellington was louder and causing quite an uproar of boos and battle cries, the crowd was singing (screaming) along and dancing non-stop for the rest of the show. Well played Yela!

After he finished his set,  left us chanting his name for an encore and for what seemed like forever YELAWOLF and band returned to the stage and performed daddys lambo the crowd split down the middle for the wall of death. He also performed his latest collab song Punk During which Franky one finger pulled out a boogie board and proceeded to literally ‘surf the crowd'!

I'd like to thank YELAWOLF for coming all the way from ‘Bama and putting on an amazing show and hopefully see him on our shores again very soon.

Thank you also to all the venue staff and organisers of the event for making this amazing night possible.


Empty bottles

Catfish Billy

Push ‘Em

Billy crystal

Outer space

Growin' up in the gutter

Best friend

Johnny cash

Devil in my veins

Tennessee love


Pop the trunk

Get mine ( engine #9)

Lets roll

American you

Til' it's gone


Daddy’s lambo