Concert Review with PHOTOS: Alanis Morissette

Photos by Stephen Boxshall

Photos by Stephen Boxshall

By Jason Beardsley

Artist: Alanis Morissette

Date / Venue: Monday January 22nd, 2018 - Palais Theatre, Melbourne

It must be a dream. In my earliest years I stumbled across my mothers CD collection and this little album called Jagged Little Pill was sticking out like a sore thumb. That day my life changed, my whole perspective changed.

So isn't it Ironic that 20 years later I’m here at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre in St Kilda on a beautiful summer night to see the goddess herself, Alanis Morissette.

The newly renovated Palais theatre is an enchanted fortress where sound seems powerful enough to move the earth and even the heavens. Opening act Angie McMahon continued this very tradition.

She tried to convince us between songs that she was nervous and blown away by the whole occasion, but she couldn't convince me of that as she treated us to a world class performance, as though performing at one of Australia’s biggest and best theatres in front of a capacity crowd was just part of every day life. So gentle and softly spoken but theres a lion deep down inside. The power and raw emotion kicks everybody in the feels, the room takes notice. She's bold, brave and quite simply charming. Well deserving of the big stage.

Now the fact that I am as excited as the little Primary School kid that discovered the album I mentioned earlier on doesn't mean I’m going to be biased in what I write here. To be honest with you though, you cant fault an angel, a goddess, whatever you want to call her. To cut this long story short, simply flawless is how you would describe Alanis Morissette’s performance tonight.

We are so blessed that we get to see Alanis perform her music stripped back and raw in such a beautiful venue. You Live, You Learn opens the set and the tears and euphoria start to flow through the audience. No one writes, sings or performs like this anymore, if they ever did at all. We are treated to a compilation of her Greatest Hits throughout the night as well as some songs from her upcoming album. We are not only hearing songs however, we’re listening to her life being read out from the pages of a diary. We continue to learn, and You Outta Know it all. .

The tone of the 2 acoustic guitars was simply angelic, even the city of angels couldn't script this, its certainly notUninvited.

With so many artists, age, the stress of touring and working nearly 24/7 for most of your life has a dramatic effect on the voice and performance. Not Alanis Morissette, this has had no effect. If anything the experience has only made her better, So pure.

So if there’s anything left to say, It’s Thank you Alanis, this performance and this life of yours that you continue to share with us is simply Perfect.