Concert Review: Slash with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators


By Teylor Moss

Artist: Slash with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

Date / Venue: Saturday January 26th, 2019 - Spark Arena, Auckland

A name that has echoed the halls of rock and roll since the late 80’s, an icon around the world, an inspiration, a rock god. Slash. The Slash, came and conquered our shores the past two nights, starting the long weekend off with a colossal bang. Joining Slash on the Living the Dream tour are Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

To start the night off, we have our very own Devilskin, born performers who have been slaying the rock scene since they formed in 2010. Lights, smoke guns, and cartwheels are a few of the things you should expect when going to a Devilskin concert. They are each so incredibly talented when they play together it’s unforgettable. Lead Vocalist Jennie Skulander is the centre of attention, as she shows off her incredible vocal range from super feminine, to super human. All while ensuring she’s touched every inch of the stage.

Without any warning, Slash and Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators are on stage, jumping straight into their set. Starting the show off with a perfect choice, Call of the Wild, as the intro is filled with suspense which matched the mood of the crowd. Everyone was running to their seats with drinks in hand. Here we go.

We’re blessed with this union of rockstars, merging together so well, complementing each other fiercely. From Myles’ unique bluesy voice and his ability to elongate a note and captivate a crowd, to Frank Sidoris (rhythm guitar) in his own world as he glides through the chords effortlessly while strutting about the stage. Brent Fitz is pounding through each song and sounding like a volcano erupting when performing drum solos, while Todd Kerns is thundering on the bass, sprinting all over the stage, singing, Todd made sure you’d remember him.

Do I need to describe Slash’s talents? His ability to whip out a melt your face off 5 minute solo without breaking a sweat? How he oozes swagger and effortless perfection? All things he never fails to deliver and last night was no exception.

All throughout the night, Slash was hammering on and off, bending through the frets, sliding down the neck and wailing into the arena, even pulling out a double neck guitar. The crowd was mostly in silence, watching in awe and taken in by just how extraordinary Slash is.

There was a heartfelt moment as Todd recognized Lemmy (Motorhead) as the 6th member in the band as they started to play Dr. Alibi, the crowd were singing along loudly as Todd played bass, and singing in true Lemmy style, he nailed it…..Lemmy would have been proud. R.I.P

Words can’t describe how well Slash and Myles and The Conspirators play together. Even with two legends sharing one stage, they did just that. Letting each other have their moments to shine and showcase their talents, to give the crowd what they wanted.

This.Night.Was.Everything. I’m still in awe over how talented everyone is, truly amazing. If you ever get the chance to see these men live, don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it.

Set List:
Call of the Wild
Standing in the Sun
Back from Cali
Bent to Fly 
My Antidote
Serve You Right 
Between the Lines 
We’re all Gonna Die 
Dr. Alibi 
One You Love is Gone 
Wicked Stone
Mind your Manners
Driving Rain 
By the Sword 
Night Train 
You’re a Lie
World on Fire 
Shadow Life