Concert Review: Dope Lemon - Powerstation - 22nd August 2019

Dope Lemon | Photo Megan Moss

Dope Lemon | Photo Megan Moss


By Teylor Moss

Artist: Dope Lemon

Date: Thursday 22nd August 2019

Venue: Powerstation

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Having just finished the latest album Smooth Big Cat in July, Angus and his team wasted no time jumping into a tour in August. Bringing Dope Lemon to New Zealand for the first time, to a sold out show.

Like the previous album Honey Bones, it was recorded at Angus' ranch in Byron. Angus being the talented multi-instrumentalist he is, recorded nearly every instrument, while also mixing and producing the entire album. 

Accompanying Dope Lemon on this tour is Golf Alpha Bravo, a three piece band from Aussie with a 60s, 70s psychedelic rock style. They paired perfectly with the vibe of Dope Lemon to create a mellow, groovy night for everyone to unwind and dance to. They had no trouble gearing the crowd up for the night, as they were so excited to be here and party with us. Golf Alpha Bravo will be supporting Greta Van Fleet on their upcoming tour and I can’t wait to see them again, if you're going, get excited.  

Arriving on stage with big lights, dramatic music, and a lighted Dope Lemon sign. Angus Stone and his band greeted the fans. Without any huge effects or reveals, it was still one hell of an entrance.

Opening with Stonecutters, it was a perfect chance to use the Nord pedal keys. Shooting bass into the room and shaking the floors it vibrated through your whole body. I have never experienced bass so intense; it was all consuming and badass.  

When Hey You started to play, the crowd was ready. Singing every word and hitting every beat. This song gives me old western movie vibes, you know, where you can see the heat waves and boots with the spurs ting against old wooden floors. During the set I was waiting for Clint Eastwood to appear on stage and say "Do you feel lucky, you?"  

Angus has such a smooth yet husky voice, very bluesy, which melts perfectly with the Indie sound of Dope Lemon. He has a very relaxed, fun stage presence, singing and playing guitar just like he's having a jam back at his ranch in Byron.  

It is impossible to not dance to Dope Lemon, I find at a lot of shows in New Zealand the crowd doesn't often dance, we sing the lyrics and nod our heads and when it gets intense, we jump. But everyone was dancing, with friends and strangers. 

After saying their thank yous and farewells, Dope Lemon leaves the stage and is met with applause and demands for an encore. After teasing us for a few minutes, they return to the stage and meet our demands and play Uptown Folks. A perfect upbeat end to an amazing night. 

Angus and his band take their bow, thank everyone for coming and invite everyone to come join them for a drink in the city.  

The lights go on and it's our queue to leave, but half the crowd stays for another 10 minutes or so, dancing to the music. I've never seen this at any show, ever. There was even a conga line that went around the whole floor! It was a very cool thing to witness and be a part of.  

A very, very good night and an incredible show. 




How many times 


Hey you


Hey little baby 

Fuck things up 

Honey bones 

Salt n pepper 

Home soon 



Uptown folks