Comedy Review: El Jaguar


By Andra Jenkin

Date/Venue: Wednesday May 16th, 2018 - The Classic Studio, Auckland

It's a who's who of the comedy scene waiting in line to see Telenovella, the show by El Jaguar, the wrestler personal of Derek Flores. A veteran comedian in the improv tradition, Derek Flores has an impressive CV. Many comedians have taken his workshop, and now the entire audience is given an opportunity to take his alter ego's masterclass.

El Jaguar is an impressive sight. From his black wrestling shoes and red socks, to the bright red unitard from which his nipples peek like bullets, he is a spectacle. The crowning glory is his fabulous black jaguar mask, eared, furry and hilarious. 

His true genius is in his command of the audience. Perfectly at ease, El Jaguar, with thick Mexican accent, gets members of the audience to do amazing things. Exploring boundaries, in a space he assures us we should all feel comfortable and safe in, we reveal surprising and intimate things about our lives and families. It sounds awkward or embarrassing, but it's not, it's freeing, and very, very funny. El jaguar is truly passionate and that combined with the excitement and entertainment of the lives of others are the perfect ingredients for the telenovella it is El Jaguar's dream to direct.  

El Jaguar, and indeed Derek, love juicy gossip and the most exciting of the audiences' stories are revealed in his show. He had a great script of broken homes and secret families and aunts who collect weird things to choose from. Somehow El Jaguar makes it all okay and we laugh at what's broken "Because sometimes, love is wrong."

El Jaguar is so comfortable on stage, and in the room. He uses the whole space, his exuberant and almost child-like personality is contagious and the appreciative audience was truly hooked.

Audience interaction is most of the show. If you want to participate in the comedy festival, this is the show for you. It's possible to sit up the back and simply enjoy the fun but much more rewarding to get involved. The finale has a lot of moving parts, and El Jaguar directs them all like a maestro. Come and be a part of an amazing show and help make El Jaguar's dream of directing come true.  It may feel like you're out of your comfort zone, but you will be in the hands of a professional. Trust him, he knows exactly what he's doing.