Hybrid Rose releases new EP 'Awkwardly Eccentric'


Hybrid Rose announces her return, bringing a new dreamy sound to her fans with the release of her forthcoming EP ‘Awkwardly Eccentric’. The transcendent dance record is a follow-up to her experimental pop project ‘Warhol’ which was released late 2018.

Along with the album announcement, Rose will be releasing the music video to her next single “No Vacancy”, which was shot at Massey Studios.

Awkwardly Eccentric was written and composed over the 2018-2019 summer while Hybrid Rose was playing gigs all over Wellington at events such as “One Year Closer”, “Welcome To Nowhere” and “CLUBHAUS”. Rose has just come off her national tour dedicated to the release of her EP - stopping at Auckland (Whammy Bar), Wellington (Moon1) and Christchurch (Darkroom).

This 9 track EP is described to be “a celebration of the personalised aspects of a human” which is conveyed through dreamy (and sometimes) abrasive pop music. The songs praise's things like being introverted (Solitude, Interstellar), self-love (Pearl, Dream Team), self-acceptance (Take The Shame) and also just having a really weird obsession with glitter (Opalescent Slut).

“When I started this project, I was at a point where I felt really lost. I didn't have a lot of friends and I had just come out of a relationship. I asked myself "What am I doing with myself?! f*cking hell, get it together" - so I decided to make a really fun happy project that celebrates all the aspects of myself and what makes me, well, me and how Hybrid Rose comes into that.”

Hybrid Rose has also put out a new music video for a track “No Vacancy” which is a track from the EP out today. Rose also dropped a music video for the lead single “Solitude”, which came out in May. Both of these music videos are visual representations of Hybrid’s signature internet culture aesthetic. Stream the video here:

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