Vayne shares 'Yuck' & 'I'll Be Fine'

Local underground rapper Vayne treats new and old fans alike, releasing brand new track I’ll Be Fine, produced by local up and comer LMC, alongside YUCK, a raw, self-produced track that’s proven to be a favourite with her day ones.

Vayne explains, “I’ll be fine is a fun song you can play at a party. I talk about signing a deal, my wcw Dannie Riel and memories from 2016. The song is about a bunch of things.”

YUCK was one of the two demos that she originally posted on her Soundcloud (with waitwait!, which was officially released in June). The two tracks quickly racked up 50k streams and earned her a dedicated live following, packing out live venues like Whammy and Neck of the Woods.

Vayne has recently been confirmed to perform at FOMO 2020, support Six60 at Western Springs in January 2020 as well as The Others Way festival next month.