Billy Bragg announces Auckland exclusive shows this November

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Billy Bragg is returning to New Zealand for a trilogy of Auckland-only solo shows at the intimate Hollywood Avondale this November.

Entitled ‘One Step Forward. Two Steps Back.’, these three unique performances will trace Bragg’s career from its humble beginnings to the present day.

The first performance on Wednesday 21st November will comprise of Billy Bragg’s current set, including 35 years of his most beloved works.

The second performance on Thursday 22nd November will see Bragg perform songs from his first three albums: his punk-charged debut ‘Life’s a Riot with Spy Vs Spy’ (1983), its similarly utilitarian follow-up ‘Brewing Up with Billy Bragg’ (1984) and “the difficult third album” ‘Talking with the Taxman about Poetry’ (1986).

The third performance on Friday 23rd November will see Bragg perform songs from his second three albums: the positively jangled ‘Workers Playtime’ (1988), pop classic ‘Don't Try This at Home’ (1991) and the back-to-basics ‘William Bloke’ (1996)

Billy Bragg has been a fearless recording artist, tireless live performer and peerless political campaigner for over 35 years. Politicised by a Tory government operating without love or justice, this previously adrift young man from Barking, whose failure at the eleven-plus had reduced his career opportunities to two, bought himself out of the British Army in 1981 (‘the best £175 I ever spent’), determined to make a living out of song.

Governments rise and fall, fashions come and go, pop stars are built up and knocked down by a fickle media, and Billy Bragg adapts to survive: the one-time Luddite and failed handyman has embraced New Media and engages with fans directly via Facebook and Twitter, uploading songs when a headline strikes. His enemies remain essentially the same: craven politicians, inhumane corporations, plus assorted racists, fascists, bullies, reactionaries and people with floppy fringes.

Don’t miss the orator, entertainer, rabble-rouser, negotiator, pamphleteer, the fabled ‘big-nosed bard from Barking’, Billy Bragg, across three extraordinary evenings in Auckland.

BILLY BRAGG ‘One Step Forward. Two Steps Back.’

Wednesday 21st Nov - Current Billy Bragg Set - Hollywood Avondale, Auckland

Thursday 22nd Nov – Songs From First Three Albums
‘Life’s a Riot with Spy Vs Spy’ (1983) | ‘Brewing Up with Billy Bragg (1984)’
‘Talking with the Taxman about Poetry’ (1986) - Hollywood Avondale, Auckland

Friday 23rd Nov– Songs From Second Three Albums
‘Workers Playtime’ (1988) | ‘Don't Try This at Home’ (1991) | ‘William Bloke’ (1996) - Hollywood Avondale, Auckland

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 14th September at