Silence The City unveil music video for 'Go It Alone'

Auckland rockers Silence The City are back, unveiling their latest single and official video, ‘Go It Alone’, a rhythmic, high-energy anthem written about the struggle of ending a toxic relationship.

A full-throttle track that commands attention from the outset, ‘Go It Alone’ serves up an intense injection of sincere, open-hearted lyrical content that explores the emotional and mental impact of a relationship breakdown.

"Lyrically we wrote the song in the first person, with a right-in-the-moment style to really capture that feeling of indecisiveness about staying or going in a relationship." – Justin Pitt

Though the band may appear to have just stumbled across a winning formula for writing epic, modern-sounding rock tracks, members Justin Pitt, Adam Davey, Sam French and I Am Giant guitarist Andrew Kerr have been honing their craft for the better part of a decade. Brought together when they studied audio engineering, their experience is reflected heavily in their sound, where each track has been meticulously scrutinised and doesn’t make the cut unless it meets the band’s grade of “Hell yes, that’s cool!”

Sonically-huge production, pumping drum beats, grinding and grooving bass, in-your-face riffs and rich, ambient leads are what sets this Auckland 4-piece apart from the rest, which is evident in their rapidly-growing fanbase and formidable live performances.

Their debut album, Resilience, was released late 2017.