Kiwi act Ashy releases new single 'Over You'


Christchurch-based singer and songwriter Ashy has released her new single ‘Over You’ – a beat-driven banger, which establishes her as ‘one to watch’ on the Kiwi pop scene.

A blast of edgy pop, which takes its inspiration from the likes of big-hitters such as Dua Lipa and Ellie Goulding, ‘Over You’ is about embracing positive change at the end of a toxic relationship.

“I wrote this song about those final moments in a relationship, when you’ve finally come to the conclusion that you’re better off without them. But before you end it, you really want to express just how you’re feeling about the bitter ending, and how content you will be moving on without them,” says Ashy.

The cutting lyrics blend seamlessly with the high energy, beat-focused production of Scott Seabright and Ben Malone and make for a sassy anthemic break-up tune, showcasing Ashy’s pop prowess.

‘Over You’ follows the June release of ‘Jersey’, which made it to  #5 in the ‘Top 20 NZ singles’ on the NZ official Music chart, as well as Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week’ feature and Apple’s ‘The A-list for Pop’ playlist. ‘Jersey’ has now had more than 140,000 streams on Spotify.

Tearaway Magazine described it as an “earworm of a pop tune that’s perfectly paced, as it holds back on bursting into life for just long enough to make it really count when it finally does.”

Ashy started her journey in music at the age of 11. She first came to the attention of New Zealand when she appeared in the second series of The X Factor, before going on to perform at high profile events such as Christmas in the Park.

With countless live performances under her belt, she’s earned a reputation in her hometown of Christchurch as a dynamic live act.