Geoff Ong releases new track 'Fingerprints'

Auckland-based pop-soul musician Geoff Ong, is proud to share the release of his newest track ‘Fingerprints’, an infectiously catchy ear-worm that gets better with every listen, accompanied by a spontaneously self-shot video that takes place on the streets of Tokyo.

Recorded in his bedroom in Kingsland with production, mixing and mastering by Phil Levine of the illustrious Igloo Music Studios in Los Angeles (who won a Grammy Award for their work on 2016’s box office hit, La La Land), ‘Fingerprints’ explores Geoff’s passion for creating captivating melodies, which offset his personal lyrics, reflecting on the idea of impactful past experiences and the marks they leave.

“The track is about the feeling of displacement you get after something significant in your life ends – a relationship, a friendship, or a chapter of your life. There’s a lot of layers involved in that feeling, but it’s mostly about the idea that the fingerprints of the experience will always be present in your life. Those fingerprints can manifest in a lot of different ways – debating whether the time spent was worth it, trying to accept that it’s over, wondering whether the person remembers and thinks about you the way you remember and think about them...

I suppose it seems quite sad, but I think it’s more about reflecting and wondering, than straight up being sad that something is over” - Geoff Ong.

Geoff has previously released three EP’s, has co-written with Grammy-nominated Latin Artist Ale Alberti, undertaken a 12-date tour of the East Coast in the USA, and studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston after receiving a scholarship.

Away from the music scene, Geoff is also passionate about social justice issues, particularly those surrounding race and cultural identity, which are matters close to his heart.

He’ll be celebrating his single with a joint release party with indietronica/R&B musician, Valere, at Portland Public House on the 14th of July.