AudioCulture launches the Aotearoa Hip Hop Timeline

Upper Hutt Posse in Mount Street, Auckland - 1990

Upper Hutt Posse in Mount Street, Auckland - 1990

 AudioCulture – “the noisy library of New Zealand music” – celebrates its fifth birthday with a brand new feature: a series of interactive timelines. The debut timeline, Aotearoa Hip Hop, is compiled by hip hop aficionado Gareth Shute. You can visit the timeline HERE.

The hip hop timeline is the first in an exciting new series. The timelines can present artists, performers, events and releases in chronological order, and highlight significant national events along the way. Using links on the timeline you can dig deep into AudioCulture to explore the more than 1600 profiles of artists, labels and music scenes that the site has published over the last five years. Whilst it would be impossible to present the entire history of New Zealand hip hop in one go, the timeline seeks to highlight defining moments in the scene's evolution.

The new section will vividly demonstrate that New Zealand music is a vital part of the country’s social history. The hope is that the timelines will appeal to their loyal visitors, and also be useful for teachers and researchers.

Founded by Simon Grigg and aptly launched in New Zealand Music Month in 2013, AudioCulture is an online celebration of the people who have created our music: the music we know and love, plus fascinating stories of lesser-known but important chapters and characters in our musical history.

AudioCulture is funded by NZ On Air, and is produced by the Digital Media Trust alongside screen heritage site NZ On Screen. Two of our crucial partners, who help with audio and images, are Radio New Zealand and the National Library of New Zealand.