theSlacks are taking their feel good Kiwiana on the road


Very soon, theSlacks will be able to claim two decades of kicking back, rolling the vibe and bringing their Rural Drift genre to towns and cities all over Aotearoa.

Originally founded by songwriter brothers Scott and Mark Armstrong, theSlacks already have an impressive back catalogue with plans for their third full-length studio album well underway.

theSlacks struck hokey-pokey gold last year with their bi-lingual single 'Big Aroha' which, thanks in part to a video shot in a local 4-Square store and went viral online, proved to be a hit with schools, Kapa Haka groups and ex-pat Kiwis all over the world. 

The follow up single 'Yeah Nah' came to the band when listening to their brothers and sisters interact and the lyric springs from the interesting and unique way Kiwi's talk to each other.

Light hearted, fun and irreverent 'Yeah Nah' is in the same vein as 'Big Aroha'. It  builds on the concept of 'Kiwitanga' which is a loose term coined to paint a picture of what the unification of our bicultural roots might look and sound like in a future Aotearoa.


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You can also see theSlacks live at The Great New Zealand Folk Revival dates this July with Albi and the Wolves and Frank Burkitt Band


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