Boycrush releases new album 'Desperate Late Night Energy' & shares music video for 100%

Boycrush has released his new album Desperate Late Night Energy.

Alongside this is a video for the first song on the album - the sleek and melodic Yumi Zouma collaboration '100%', a hypnotic and bizarre green screen opus directed by Hayden Eastmond-Mein with animations by Zach Lieberman.

"Alistair and I stumbled across a strange corner of Shutterstock that had a whole series of bizarre clips of people acting and dancing in front of a green screen. It was like we reached the bottom of the stock footage barrel and it was amazing - lots of terrible dancing and awkward corporate scenes," says Eastmond-Mein of the video making process.

"We edited together several versions of a 100% video entirely with stock footage before we realised it'd be a lot more fun and a lot less constrained if we shot it all ourselves. Even so, the whole video heavily draws on the peculiar stock footage world we found and its aesthetic. Some of the shots are even re-enactments of our favourite stock clips that we couldn't let go of."

The video features Chris Parker, Michael McCabe, Liv Tennet and Sam Harman.