David 'Duck' Barraclough from The Exponents dies


The Exponents guitarist David 'Duck' Barraclough died on Wednesday (April 25) following a month long battle with pancreatic cancer. Barraclough played the the NZ Hall Of Fame band from 1994-2000.

Lead singer of The Exponents Jordan Luck said he died quickly.

A few words from Jordan Luck….

“David Barraclough died yesterday of Pancreatic Cancer.  Diagnosed a month ago, he went quickly.  No more pain, no suffering.  When last we spoke he was more cheerful than his normal happy self and only despondent about his beloved Crystal Palace’s woeful season. 

David Barraclough saved The Exponents.  In early ‘93 Brian Jones left the Exponents to begin his Magic Whanau in England and I was thinking it was time to put Exponents to bed.  We put together an album with two guest guitarists but really our sagacity, our strength lay in live music.  Harry had seen a guitarist of whom he was very impressed by.  Invited along to a session David joined.

Born in Rockhampton, Queensland, living in Sydney, he would spend the next six years living in the hotel units of Kiwi & Oz.  An exceptionally gifted guitarist, an exceedingly excellent touring companion, David brought songs to the catalogue with the pummeling potency of ‘La La Lulu’, and ‘Shouldn’t Be Allowed’ and with the gentle gems of ‘One In A Lifetime’ and ‘The Summer You Never Meant’. 

David went with such velocity I didn’t get to ask him to write this!  He would have. He’d’ve written of his love and admiration of his children, Justin & Nicole. He’d have written of the proud day as “Father” when he “gave away his little girl”, Rita.  He’d have mentioned his post Exponent career in the glorious Mental As Anything. On Bass!  He’d have let you know he has a ripping new album available, “Duckshit”.  He’d say “Hello, Love You, Goodbye”. 

Well, apart from......

This can reference all kinds of things to all kinds of folk but for me there is one thing I’d like to have mentioned to him. ‘On Shouldn’t Be Allowed’…he’d written “sexual creature, she’s reading Nietzsche” but I liked “sexual creature, eating cold pizza”…I think I should have gone Nietzsche!!

There will be no funereal proceedings, David has just gone out to buy some strings."