Concert Review with PHOTOS: Robbie Williams

Photos by Amy Halpin

Photos by Amy Halpin

By Amy Halpin

Artist: Robbie Williams

Date / Venue: Wednesday February 28th, 2018 - Qudos Band Arena, Sydney

I’m going to start this review by saying If you’ve never seen Robbie Williams live before, you’re missing out! The Heavy Entertainment Show opened the night with Robbie appearing draped in a RW robe surrounded by beautiful ladies in boxing gear.

Robbie burst onto the stage in true Robbie style after the “National Anthem of Robbie” with lyrics such as God Bless our Robbie – He is so well Hung”. Classic Robbie Williams style.

As I watched, permanent smile etched on my face, there is something different about him that took me a while to put my finger on. After getting the crowed pumping with Let Me Entertain You followed by Monsoon, I figured it out. He is happy.

Robbie casually let slip a number of times amongst his banter with the crowd that he had a lovely wife and 2 beautiful kids, for which his next hit Love My Life was written. It’s a new Robbie. He looks like is really is enjoying himself and it’s wonderful to see.

Giving his Aussie crowd some love he breaks into a little bit of karaoke featuring our official national anthem You’re The Voice, Living On A Prayer, Rehab, Take On Me, Simply The Best, Kiss, Don’t You Want Me Baby, Can’t Touch This, Staying Alive and a sneak peek of She’s The One to which the crowd goes crazy!

Despite the mentions of being happily married – old Robbie appears pointing out Claire -  a lady in the crowd who would like a part of her female anatomy signed. Robbie agreed of course but set a challenge that required her to finish of lyrics of one of his most controversial hits “Come Undone”. Poor Claire. Not only did she not know the words, she was now shamed in front of the entire crown at Qudos Arena!

The hits kept of coming and Robbie being the entertainer that he is kept the crowd engaged with his hilarious (and sometimes a R rated) banter.

She’s The One was next on the set list and Robbie draws everyone’s attention to Sue – who is sporting a fluro t-shirt that reads This is my 45th Robbie Williams Concert. Sue is a legend. Robbie then dedicated 'She’s the One' to Sue – changing the lyrics to “Sue’s the One”. This was too much for Sue who burst into tears and had most of the crowd watery eyed!

A highlight of the night was an appearance by, Robbie’s Dad who helped him out with their own rendition of “Sweet Caroline” which had the audience in the palms of their hands.

The remainder of The Heavy Entertainment show was filled with all of Robbie’s classic hits, Millennium, Something Stupid, Feel, Supreme, Rudebox Kids, Rock DJ, Better Man, My Way and of course finishing of the night with crowd favourite – Angels.

It was another unbelievable performance by Mr Williams. He has proved after all these years, through all the incarnations of Robbie that he still has the voice and the charisma to keep the crowds pouring in. It will be interesting to see what’s next for Robbie, hopefully we won’t be waiting to long for another night of “Heavy Entertainment” which is what the man does best!


1.     National Anthem Of Robbie

2.     The Heavy Entertainment Show

3.     Let Me Entertain You

4.     Monsoon

5.     Minnie the Moocher

6.     Freedom 90

7.     Love My Life

8.     Living On A Prayer / Rehab / Take On Me / Simply The Best / Kiss / Can't Touch This / Don't You Want Me Baby / Stay'n Alive / She's The One

9.     Come Undone

10.  Never Forget

11.  Millennium

12.  Somethin' Stupid

13.  Rudebox

14.  Kids

15.  Sweet Caroline

16.  She's the One

17.  Feel

18.  Rock DJ

19.  Better Man

20.  Angels

21.  Down Under

22.  My Way

23.  Angels