Boycrush share new single 'Holy Water' & reveal album details


Today New Zealand producer Boycrush debuts a mesmerising new track; the first to come from his forthcoming album Desperate Late Night Energy, due for release on June 15th.

'Holy Water' features the self-assured presence of long-time collaborator, Chelsea Jade, whose airy voice serves as a foil for the weighty music bed. Recording sessions took place between two cities - Los Angeles and Auckland - to bring together a story inspired by a trip to Salvation Mountain near the Salton Sea in Southern California.

Accompanying the track is an equally inspired new music video co-directed with Rowan Pierce in collaboration with The New Zealand Dance Company. The video was choreographed by Malia Johnston, with a nod to the iconic Limbs Dance Company, and plays on the idea of being as juvenile as possible in a virtuosic way.

Boycrush is the creative project of producer, drummer and songwriter, Alistair Deverick. He is accompanied live with vocalists, Carla Camilleri and Tom Young from Auckland music collective, Leisure.

The first Boycrush EP Everybody All The Timecame together during his stint in Madrid at the Red Bull Music Academy 2011, and produced possibly one of the most iconic synth-pop tracks of the year ('Secrets' with Watercolours). A year later, Deverick followed up with his striking second EP Girls On Top, which saw love from The Guardian and wide appreciation from blogs around the world for it's leading track 'Flirt' (featuring Yumi Zouma & Madeira).

Outside of his own work, Deverick performs with Lawrence Arabia, Jonathan Bree and The Ruby Suns.

Modern dance iconography is at the conceptual centre of Desperate Late Night Energy. Placeholder DLNE track names came from a Wikipedia glossary of dance terms which initially served as creative provocations but some eventually stuck to the songs and remain on the final tracklist.

Recorded in the basement underneath Auckland's Crystal Palace, DLNE inhales the euphoria of the early morning hours and puffs it onto a low-lit dance floor. Like his previous EPs, it was mixed by Bevan Smith of Introverted Dancefloor, and features 11 hypnotic tracks including features from Yumi Zouma, Chelsea Jade and Benny’s Videos.

Boycrush Desperate Late Night Energy

1. 100%
2. Demi-pointes
3. Face Melt
4. Holy Water
5. Make You Feel
6. Manifest Presence
7. Song for Alex
8. Primitive Squat
9. Frappé
10. Reece's Pieces
11. Desperate Late Night Energy