American Football announce third album release, American Football LP3

Photo credit: Atiba Jefferson

Photo credit: Atiba Jefferson

Influential songwriters American Football are stoked to announce American Football LP3, coming this March.

Now a 4-piece band, with the addition of Nate Kinsella on bass, American Football prove their creative prowess. They boldly step out of their comfort zone and break new ground sonically; resulting in a contemplative, rich, and expressive, yet queasy, sound. American Football LP3 explore the vocal depth of guest singers Hayley Williams of Paramore, Land of Talk’s Elizabeth Powell, and Rachel Goswell from Slowdive in this forthcoming album.

Their self-titled LP3 is set a part from their older albums. Older albums were the marrying of emo and post-rock with meaning piled into every line and lyric. The band credit growth for their new sound. “I feel like my lyric writing has changed a lot over the years,” explains Mike Kinsella, vocalist and guitarist, “the goal is to… maybe state something big and heavy, but in a very plain way. … I keep things a little more vague.”

With growth came a new lens to look at this album through. A lens that allowed them to trust the songs to grow at their own pace and have given them ample room to do so. The final result is a definite and deliberate stretching of the band.

It is clear that the band has become each members main focus and as a result, they are making the best music of their lives. American Football, with their peers Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, are a shining example of how redefinition, if done well, can elevate your legacy. They are comfortable here, having grown well into their boots, or as guitarist Steve Holmes likes to say “somewhere along the way we moved… to just being a band.”


While you wait with bated breath, take a listen to Silhouettes.

"Silhouettes" is taken from American Football's third self-titled album, out March 22, 2019