Interview: Nouri


By Lisa Diedricks

She’s taken over LA within a year and now she’s hitting the rest of the world with a bang!

Syrian born, kiwi raised, and USA bound, there’s nothing less than exceptional about NOURI. Born Vivian Nouri, this superstar has always had a passion for music and the art that comes with it.  From posting videos on Youtube for her thousands of subscribers, to singing at events, she was destined to share the spotlight with the best.

Nouri decided to take the leap over to the USA a few years ago, coming back and forth to New Zealand, but made the decision to commit to the full move over a year ago. Where she has been demanding her voice be heard. She has not only worked and received musical feedback with some of the best producers, Diplo being one, she has managed to already secure her name in one of summers hottest movie sequels Daddy’s Home 2, it’s her vocals on the Christmas track for the blockbuster.

The artist, who has been working independently since being in LA, has just released her debut single Where Do We Go from Here? Along with the music video to follow. The single has was released on the 5th of November, and was already number two on the iTunes charts two days later.

The song gives a feeling of subtle summer vibes, with vocals that reach heights that the melody opens nicely for. Written by Nouri herself, the singer expresses edgy characteristics to the bittersweet tone of the song. The message and emotional value behind the song is something that many are more than likely to relate to.

This girl is not a one hit wonder, and we definitely haven’t seen the last of her. If you are into the likes of Ariana, Anne-Marie, Justin Bieber, you’ll be rocking with NOURI in no time.

The song has been blasting through social media since its release and has been getting positive feed so far from everyone.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the pop star to talk about what’s been happening:

Did you expect to hit that high a number in the NZ charts that quick?

No, I didn’t expect it at all, but so amazed with everyone’s reactions. I’m so thankful to everyone who pre-ordered/pre-saved, downloaded and streamed my song! It’s an amazing feeling that I’ll never forget.

Who produced the track and how did you get on with them? What was the initial process of finding the right track for a single?

Funny story, I was actually playing fortnite with my producer friend Corey Michael and he asked if had listened to any of the beats he sent me. I mentioned 3 I liked. And this was the first one he pulled up. We worked on the melody idea that night and I wrote it a couple days later while I was in the car and now here we are!

Who is the guy in the track?

It’s actually my producer, Corey Michael. I felt like I needed a male presence on this song, he tried it out and it really suited his voice, so we kept him on it! I believe whatever makes the record sound the best to go with that.

What do you think is missing in the music industry now that you can offer?

Records that you can dance and cry to at the same time!

Do you write all your songs? Where do you draw ideas from?

Absolutely. I love to write my own songs. There is just a different feeling you get when you do. I have to believe what I’m singing so if it didn’t come from me, I don’t know how to make it sound believable. I draw a lot my ideas from a lot of life experiences and other people’s life experiences. I love to be clever with the lyrics too so I honestly find inspiration from almost anything and make it current.

Being from NZ, was the move to LA a hard one, what’s the biggest difference musically between the two?

Yes, it was. I took the biggest risk coming here not knowing that many people at the time but Brian Kennedy, a four-time Grammy-award winning producer took me under his wing and showed me a lot. I learned a lot from being in his recording sessions, looking at the way he wrote music etc. I’m so thankful for that. There is a massive difference musically; I think it’s much more diverse over here which is why it is so competitive. The US is like a huge melting pot with musicians here from all over the world.

Growing up who was your biggest inspiration musically and personally and how did that transcend into your art now?

Many artists, who include Christina Aguilera, Adele and Rihanna but my biggest inspiration is my mum. A lot of these artists have helped influence my music in some way but all throughout time helped teach me what I want in my music, how I want it to sound and who I am as an artist.

Have you got more releases coming our way?

Yes definitely, I’ve got many songs under my belt but for now I am following this record until it’s time for the next one!