Album Review: Racing - Real Dancing


By Ashes Phoenix

Released Friday November 9th, 2018 - Racing Music

Racing are releasing their much-anticipated debut album, Real Dancing, on November 9th.

The Auckland band consists of long-time collaborators Ed Knowles on vocals and Sven Pettersen on guitar (The Checks); Daniel Barrett on bass (Sherpa) and Izaak Houston on drums (Space Creeps).

It was recorded at the famed Roundhead Studios in Auckland, as well as additional recordings done at The LAB, and mixed by the UK’s Dave Eringa (The Who, Manic Street Preachers).

My first impression of Real Dancing was a dose of aural confidence which inspired escapism at the album launch. A throwback to late 00’s indie rock with flavors of bands such as the Artic Monkeys and Arcade Fire through a strained speaker, esoteric lyrics about recreational substances, bedlam and general mischief making, swirled with hazy vocals, spell inducing guitar, commanding baselines and high tempo beats. This is an album that awakens your party goblin and pushes you to strut down K-road at 2 am.

At the listening party I attended, the first song in the album, Motel Pool, also happens to be the first single off the album. Released in December of 2017, where Motel Pool made the top 10 on the NZ Rock airplay charts and stayed there for 32 weeks. A subtle announcement came on over the speaker to let us know the album would start. A wave of commanding guitar silenced the room and by the second “Woo” our table had synchronized our swaying complete with enthusiastic head bobbing.

The album flows together hypnotically, taking the listener by the hand through the adventures of the group. It builds its crescendo through Drugs & Affection, Electric Honey, Devil’s Work and Move Your Body to peak at their current single released last week, Party Slow. From there Real Dancing winds down with the relatable Misbehaving¸ the lilting Blue Gloom, and the catchy Sweet Bedlum.

The Alcoves carries the listener through to Run Wild, the album’s next single and my personal favorite track from the album. The double-time drums, wailing guitar, and growling vocals make this an adrenaline pumping tune. The lyrics hint of letting go of pent up tension, “ Sometimes I feel like the city’s on fire/And when I feel like a confession untold/I run wild, I run wild/ I RUN WILD.”

Real Dancing wraps up with their 2017 The Bass  and Australia. Australia is sweet and lilting with flavours of halftime island dance music. It would make an excellent closing credits song to an action movie with a happy ending.

I would recommend listening to the album if you need an extra dose of courage, a pick me up, or to keep a good time going.

4 / 5