Concert Review with PHOTOS: James

Un-beknown to the eager fans staring intently at the stage waiting to see James frontman Tim Booth and guitarist Adrian Oxaal appear on stage, Tim & Adrian were actually standing quietly in a dark corner, having a chat while Adrian gently strummed the guitar….They then proceeded to walk right through the audience and joined the rest of the band onstage

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By Teylor Moss

Artist: James

Date / Venue: Sunday November 11th, 2018 - The Powerstation, Auckland

Two years has passed and the British rock sensation James has returned to our shores for their New Zealand/Australia 2018 tour. They performed their latest album, Living in Extraordinary Times, as well as songs from their enormous catalogue over the years. If their majorly successful album Girl at the End of the World which debuted at number two in the UK album charts didn’t captivate you enough, their live show surely will. This is a sight you are not going to want to miss.

Setting the scene for the night was our very own Tablefox. With slick bass, snatched drums, smooth vocals and unique guitar riffs, Tablefox worked the stage effortlessly as the crowd grew. Playing one of their hit songs Cigarette Glowand also performing a cover of David Bowie’s Heroes, which the crowd,myself no exception, were gagging over. A perfect complementto the vibe James emits, like coffee to a cigarette.

An entrance like no other, as frontman Tim Booth walks through the front doorcutting a path through the crowd in a large fur coat, while his band entices him to the stage. Singing as he walks through an array of people, he carries out the opening song Lose Control in the audience before joining his fellow band members on stage. This stunning entrance was met with a thunderous response from the crowd, adulation that filled the venue from the sticky floors to the high ceilings.

David Baynton-Power snatched all the attention as he rolled into Hank with heavy drums to match the powerful message Hank delivers. Jim Glennie added to the angst with low, rumbly bass and a look that gave me chills. Adrian Oxaal is clearly no stranger to the guitar as he slides through the song focusing on both the crowd and his band members while he picks away. Ricky is more than capable of filling in for Saul Davies (due to vertigo), on rhythm guitar and proves that during Hank, and throughout the entire show.

Mark Hunter makes his presence known to the crowd through keys that elevate the status of the band giving it the James feel. Andy Diagram (the show stealer) was breath takingly talented when playing the trumpet, Andy adds a special sound to the band while still dancing around the stage and directing the audience.

A mighty combination of talent in one band is almost overwhelming as there’s so much to see and hear, but they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Both musically and as a family.

Tim was in his element dancing on stage, moving like I’d never seen before. A lady next to me described Tim as having “liquid hips” and I couldn’t agree more, it was spectacular.
It was not long before Tim was back amongst the crowd and this time Andy came along too, and the two played to each other in the audience. It’s rare for a band to be so involved with the audience in this way, it’s amazing to be a part of and is extremely memorable.

After playing their set, James bowed out, immediately wedemanded their return through a round of applause and the classic “one more song” chant. They returned and played Many Faces. The crowd sung along with every word an acappella ending ringing out, it was amazing to be part of such a loving and fun group of people for the night.
“There’s only one human race, many faces, everybody belongs here.”

Set List:
Lose Control
Extraordinary Times
Waltzing Along
How Was It For You
Come Home
Feet Of Clay
What’s It All About
Sit Down
Many Faces