Silicon marks 20th anniversary of Bic Runga's Drive with a sneaky little remix

Silicon - Bic Runga Drive.jpg

Dropping like robotic manna from a futuristic heaven comes Silicon's 'Drive' remix, continuing the awesome 20th anniversary celebration of Bic Runga's 'Drive'. 

Bic says "It's been fun to hear Drive reimagined in 2017, a song that was only ever released as an acoustic demo 20 years ago. This remix by Silicon makes me think of self driving cars and sad lovesick robots."

Awesomely transforming this heralded treasure from its acoustic routes, Silicon's 'Drive' remix brings listeners into a completely new Bic Runga dimension, allowing them insight into a side of Bic they never imagined - futuristic and dancey - a vocoded parallel universe that is fully embraced by her alter-ego.