Laura Lee Lovely shares music video for 'Faster'

Laura Lee Lovely.jpg

Laura Lee Lovely has dropped the video for her latest single Faster, an out-of-the-box tribute to post-quake Christchurch.
Faster was the first song Laura wrote after returning to her hometown, having spent several years away honing her craft in the UK. Imbued with a sense of nostalgia about being back in the city and being confronted with the new landscape after the earthquakes, Laura wanted to visit some of Christchurch’s iconic spots that are now broken or gone entirely.
“The people here have been so strong and it made me so proud to be from here. We went around and shot in some of my favourite places that I used to visit as a kid and some new places that are now a part of my life and are important for our community.”
Shot by her good friend and fellow musician Ella Chau, better known as French_concession, the video is an entirely self-produced effort, with Laura showing off her style with the art direction.
A playful take on her childhood favourites, Faster is lifted from Laura Lee Lovely’s recently released EP Eden.