Sleep announce Australia & New Zealand tour


LIFE IS NOISE is proud to announce the return of seminal stoner/doom trio SLEEP to Australian and New Zealand shores in January 2018.

The first-ever performances in New Zealand, the band will be slinging ‘bong-rattling’ riffs to venues in Wellington and Auckland before crossing the Tasman to play shows in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Few can compare to the monolithic sounds of SLEEP. The band set a new framework for stoner-metal enthusiasts through worship of the walloping tone of ‘70s tube amps, Iommi-esque riff-work, and marijuana.

DOPESMOKER changed the genre as we know it, turning weed into its own religion as listeners followed the smoke to the riff-filled land.

Seeing SLEEP live is an experience that blows eardrums and minds alike.

Witnesses to the band’s appearance at 2014’s Meredith Music Festival (or the associated Australian tour) will attest to the mind-bending tones and tar-soaked grooves emanating from a ludicrously oversized wall of amplifiers. The experience is akin to drenching yourself in resin, allowing the music to slowly burn and dance through you like a wandering flame.

 SLEEP arrive in New Zealand and Australia in January 2018.

Be sure to grab tickets quickly, as the rare chance to see these titans of metal won't last for long.

“SLEEP don’t play songs so much as build them with a deliberate patience that seems like meditation. Intros go for minutes on end, picking up momentum and power almost imperceptibly until, like storm clouds unable to bear their own weight, they finally unleash their awesome power.”
- Henry Rollins

"With a band like SLEEP the only thing to really do is let the music take you over and focus on what comes across as one continuous composition. The music is abrasive yet strangely comforting in its ability to lock the listener into a trance-like state, stoned or not."
- Glide Magazine

“What seems disorienting and monochromatic at first grows richer and more rewarding upon repeated exposure. It’s like a Mark Rothko painting hitting you over the head with a bag of hammers.”
- The New York Times

New Zealand Tour Dates:

San Fran, Wellington – Monday 15th January 2018

Galatos, Auckland – Tuesday 16th January 2018


Australian Tour Dates:

The Triffid, Brisbane – Thursday 18th January 2018

Manning Bar, Sydney – Friday 19th January 2018

Max Watt's, Melbourne – Saturday 20th January 2018

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