Reb Fountain shares new video 'Slave'

Reb Fountain Little Arrows 1.jpeg

Slave is one of Reb’s favourite songs off her new record and was also the last song she performed live with her musical compadre the late Sam Prebble.  Directed by her daughter Lola Fountain-Best; Slave hints at the apocalyptic as we catch a glimpse of Reb’s haunting musical landscape.  Filmed amidst the power of the elements - hail, thunder, rain, lightening, high winds .. and birds - Slave reveals the dance of creation .. the intersecting natural and human-made movements that shape our experience. 

'Slave’ is taken from the album Little Arrows. The recording is rich full of songs about grappling with relationships, both personal and institutional, and countering injustice by fighting back with self, song and community. 

Little Arrows began in the music den of her Grandmother’s home in Vancouver.  Full of musical instruments, trinkets and photographs not to mention two pianos along with a fold out couch for when family or friends stopped through … which was often; Reb found solace and reflection in her familial space.  

Reb writes and sings as if she just burst into song telling tales woven together; multiple stories running through, often concurrently, creating a landscape rich, diverse and universal.  Her recently released EP Hopeful & Hopeless revealed her mastery of the folk tale.  Little Arrows contains both folklore and pop; illuminating all sides of Reb – the dark the light, the rock, the roll; the folk and the lore that awashes between.  

‘Little Arrows’ holds the key to a moment in time that can never be recaptured. A beautiful, creative collaboration between three gifted songwriters – Sam Prebble, Dylan Storey and Reb Fountain - bound in deep friendship. Irrespective of the time it took to develop, Little Arrows seems to be fit for purpose right here, right now.  Reb manages to transcend folk, punk Americana, and fill the well of the political with heart and soul.  Reb is a strong, independent voice, bent on carving her own line, embracing the hopeful and hopeless and creating a reflective sound for our times.  

Reb Fountain

Sept 7th: Dunedin, Plato with support from The Broken Heartbreakers

Sept 8th:  Christchurch, Blue Smoke with support from Hopetoun Brown 

Sept 9th: Paekakariki, St Peter’s Hall with support from Rosy Tin Teacaddy

Sept 15th: Auckland, The Tuning Fork with support from Hopetoun Brown 

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