Napalm Death, Brujeria and Lock Up to perform NZ show

New Zealand metal fans, you are about to be vehemently seized by the throat! After hugely successful runs in the USA and Europe, the intemperate Napalm Death, Brujeria and Lock Up are heading south to run riot in Auckland on Wednesday 4 October at the Kings Arms.

Headlining this incredible line-up are the UK’s Napalm Death - one of the most influential and legendary acts in the history of heavy metal.  As the fathers of  grindcore, fifteen albums in, Napalm Death are in no way slowing down.  Believing that silence sucks and noise is always the answer, they continue to create music that confronts, confounds and eviscerates in equal measure.

Finally after more than 25 years, Brujeria storm our stages for the first time, hurling their razor sharp riffs and spiteful Spanish vocals.   Led by lyricist mastermind Juan Brujo, Brujeria walk along the border of death and grindcore, with bona fide tales from the frontlines of the drug war, the racial divide, and the battle for the border.  Rumoured to be satanic drug lords and members of well-established metal bands. The truth, as always, lay somewhere in between.  

Another savage group from the UK, Lock Up, will be displaying their menacing on stage presence for the first time in New Zealand. Consisting of well-known metal identities Shame Embury, Nick Barker, Kevin Sharp and Anton Reiseneggar, Lock Up play a perfect collection of extremities, capturing the dynamics of all the classic thrash, death and grind, but with a more sinister sound.  Toca rápido o muere – play fast or die!

Napalm Death, Brujeria and Lock Up

Wednesday 4 October: Kings Arms, Auckland

Tickets via Under The Radar