Jon Toogood in Melbourne Review Plus Live Photos

Visiting live performances at the Cherry Bar is something that has always been on my to-do list, but it never seemed to come around, that is until last night. Ultimately, I was very keen to observe the valuable treasures that would be performing inside the underground passageway in Melbourne.

First up we had the opening act EZEKIEL OX, who effortlessly jumped onto the stage and captured the audience’s engagement within seconds of introducing himself. I personally haven’t heard of this act before tonight, but I was undeniably blown away from his edgy and powerful voice, as well as his unique ability to turn the heads of every single person in the room. He could confidently crush his opponents with his I don’t give a f*ck attitude and charismatic demeanor this man owned the stage, and he knew it. His banter between songs was absolutely hysterical. In fact, I’m pretty sure the guy next to me choked and spat out his beer from laughing too hard.

 Honest tunes, a taste of slam poetry and a pinch of comedic jokes were mixed into his cauldron. I felt like I was witnessing something dangerous. A confident, witty, talented and overall brilliant artist for sure. Overall an eccentric and entrancing performance delivered.

 The eagerness from the audience to hear JON TOOGOOD's set was unquestionable.

Toogood has a credible name for a reason and boy can he belt out a tune!

Kicking off with songs off SHIHAD's latest album ‘FVEY’, the set twisted dynamically through Shihad's back catalogue including favourites 'Think you're so free' and ‘Run’,     before diving into some of Jon's favourites from his solo project THE ADULTS and some covers of inspiration to his song writing.

A personal highlight was when Jon began telling us a story about a close friend of his and his battle with suicidal thoughts and depression. As Toogood ended the story, he confessed ‘Pacifer’ is the song that was carved out from the inspiration. But before he could even roll the word off his tongue, the crowd went bananas. Thunderous roars and a deafening applause echoed through the venue, which reminded me of being at a footy match. Friends were cheering with beers, their arms thrown over each other, with          ear-piercing synchronised singing, couples getting sexy on the couch and drunk aussies in all directions of my peripheral vision. Toogood brought strangers in the room together, it felt like a big family towards the end of the night.

His captivatingly edgy vocals and jagged strumming, boom and resonate around the venue. It sounds thrillingly thunderous and boisterous, which permitted a sheer mindblowing performance. You certainly popped my cherry Jon.

 - By Luna Ruggiero

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