Stone Sour, Live Concert Review with Photos!

Photos by John Raptis

Photos by John Raptis

Review by Jason Beardsley

Artist: Stone Sour

Date / Venue: Friday, August 25th, 2017 - Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia

One thing you need to understand in this part of the world (Melbourne Australia), Corey Taylor is considered a god and you could feel every bit of that thought in the air on our approach to tonight’s venue, the Festival Hall in Melbourne, Australia.

 Opening the stage last night, was Sydney Punk Rock outfit Bare Bones, who quickly showed the dedicated fans who arrived early after a long work week; that they weren't messing around. Bare Bones laid a solid platform with confidence oozing out from all members. Front man Tom Kennedy took control of the Melbourne crowd, the band tearing through songs from their catalogue including material from their recently released debut album ‘Bad Habits’.

Man, if only that set went longer! I don't imagine it will be long till we see these boys making their way around the country again, as a headline act.

 After what seemed like a lifetime for change over and such was my near lifelong excitement to see Stone Sour, and to one of the loudest roars I’ve heard from a crowd… that lasted the entire night, the band was drawn to the stage opening with Taipei Person / Allah Tea from their new album Hydrograd.

By the audience reaction, we were going to new heights not seen before.

Corey and co were making this crowd swoon from the first chord. It wasn't long before we were heading back in time to the heart stopping Made Of Scars. The pulse of Roy Mayorga’s double kick drums are tearing a hole in my chest and we’re only through the first couple of songs. 

What I love about this venue (Festival Hall) is the acoustics and the intimate feel despite its size and the crew are lighting this place up.

The sound and definition between the instruments are crystal clear as Josh Rand, Christian Martucci and Johny Chow put on a masterclass with the promise they've brought plenty of material from their very first self-titled record, the first of these being Take A Number

The band takes a couple of breaths during the first part of the set, such is the noise coming from the huge attendance at Festival Hall. The appreciation after all these years and the length of time since their last visit is undeniable. Something they mention many times throughout the night.

 After a high octane first half to the set Corey comes to front with his guitar as the rest of the band make their way to the wings, what I witnessed then was something I will never forget as a music lover, Corey plays the hugely popular Bother with one of the loudest singalongs’s I’ve ever heard. I’ve hardly had a chance to breathe, and wonder how they feel!?

Every Stone Sour album sees the light of day and we’re given a glimpse into a career that has received well deserved Grammy Nominations, nearly 3 million albums in sales and a wild dedicated fan base. 

What I appreciated about this show was the all-round simplicity of the stage show.

Yeah, we have great sound and lights, but it’s the band that commands the attention of the crowd, not other mechanical moving parts or screens diverting your attention toward a theatre performance.

The only real example of this was at the very end of the show where 5 giant inflatable head banging tube men appear on the stage, but hey, that was a good laugh and it worked! Nonetheless, music performed and heard as it should be.

 As the night draws to a close with an amazing rendition of Through Glass, the band, driven by the vocal power of the passionate Melbourne audience, followed by a 3 song encore of Gone Sovereign, Absolute Zero and Fabuless we are more than satisfied.

 My ears are ringing and all we can do on the walk back to Docklands in worship of the power and prowess we’ve just encountered.

 -And the weekend has only just begun!

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