Triggerfinger unveil music video for 'Colossus'


Belgium’s Triggerfinger rock both stages and suits like nobody’s business – coupling lashings of style and swagger with plenty of the rock grunt of bands like QOTSA and Muse.  

Ahead of the August 25 release of Colossus, Triggerfinger have released the video for the title track –described by Classic Rock Magazine as “Sexy without being sleazy, cool without being jaded, it’s a class track.” 

Vocalist/guitarist Ruben Block said of the track Colossus was the first song where the band worked with two basses. “Ditching the guitar really opened up the groove, and the combination of two bass guitars was very intriguing, sonically. It was heavy, but fresh at the same time. Images and pieces of conversations flashed through my mind, like a collage, and over this monumental groove I began to chant: ‘Colossus! Colossus!’ It stuck.”

About the accompanying music video Block said: “Since Colossus presented us a wide headspace of interpretations we asked Matt from Mount Emult to work his collaged magic and mold this piece of visual madness to accompany the music and words. Matt/ Mt. Emult previously worked on clips from Pixies and many others. The video came out the way we had in mind.”