Neil Finn 'Land Of Silence' live stream #2 at 7PM tonight

Last Friday at Roundhead Studio in Auckland, Neil Finn and his exotic ensemble delivered the first of his weekly live streams throughout August.  The result was the breathtaking single, ‘More Than One Of You’, released today.

‘More Than One Of You’ features backing vocals from a who's who of New Zealand music, including Don McGlashan, Tiny Ruins, Lawrence Arabia, Jimmy Barnes' daughter EJ Barnes and SJD.  All were present for the 1.5 hour live stream last Friday which included Neil and company performing a setlist spanning his illustrious back-catalogue, also including a cover of David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ and a live skype performance of the Crowded House track ‘As Sure As I Am’ , with bandmate Nick Seymour dialing in from Ireland!

View the highlights reel from last Friday’s stream below - 

These live stream sessions will culminate in the recording of Neil’s brand new album Out Of The Silence in full view, live on the internet on Friday August 25. The album will then be mixed, mastered and digitally released the following Friday, September 1, the CD will be released on September 22, and the vinyl will follow in late October. Pre-order from Neil’s store to receive an autographed photo from the recording session.

Neil Finn has been experimenting with live streaming performances since 2003. It’s a platform that suits his spontaneous and intimate style of performance.

Neil Finn commented "These are a series of musical happenings featuring friends, family, fellow songwriters and singers playing tunes both old and brand new.  You can follow the progress of new song arrangements as we build towards the last stream on August 25”