Leo Gene Peters

A mad-cap rendition of Jekyll and Hyde is set to take place at the Basement Theatre in Auckland; running from July 4th - July 15th.  A completely reworked version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, this terrifyingly hilarious theatre-comedy is directed by Leo Gene Peters, the founder of A Slightly Isolated Dog. The company took home an Excellence Award & People’s Choice Ensemble Award at the 2016 Auckland Theatre Awards for Don Juan. 

We fired some questions Leo's way ahead of the show. 

Why was the decision made for A Slightly Isolated Dog to produce Jekyll & Hyde as your next show?

We were after creating another work that asked questions about boldness: how we live our lives in a bold way that surprises us – rather than living in ways where we constantly think we should be doing/acting differently than we are and constantly disappointing ourselves. Where Don Juan is a celebration of our ridiculous romantic lives – Jekyll & Hyde is more of a fun-house romp through our rage and disappointment.

How have the rehearsals been going for Jekyll & Hyde?

Excellent… they are always a kind of chaos that reflects in the shows… and often we find ourselves in hysterics.

Why do you think the audience is attracted to the Jekyll & Hyde story?

It’s a very dramatic story about a person who creates a potion that allows them to literally become another person. Jekyll becomes Hyde so he can do whatever naughty thing he wants without any guilt or consequence… we feel like this is a pretty strong feeling we’ve all had. We’ve talked a lot about how we all feel this desire in our lives and we think it’s a pretty universal feeling that most people have.

And it has a bit of audience interaction?

We tell the story together – and we create the play together. It’s a game that the audience can take a big part in or can just sit back and watch. But the show is a party where we all tell this story together.

This is a reworked version of Jekyll & Hyde. How is it different?

It uses the basic story but it’s a very different tone. It’s a chaotic romp – where the original is a penny dreadful Victorian thriller… we play with elements of that but overall the whole event is a hilarious and raucous party.

Who is starring in it?

Samuel Austin, Susie Berry, Andrew Paterson, Jono Price & Hayley Sproull,

After the Auckland run will you be taking it to other centres?

That’s the plan for 2018!

Following Jekyll and Hyde, what is next up for A Slighted Isolated Dog?

We’ve heard some rumours that Santa Claus may be coming to town… but we’re not quite sure what that means…

Leo Gene Peters directs ‘Jekyll and Hyde' taking over The Basement Theatre from 4-15 July. http://basementtheatre.co.nz/

Jekyll and Hyde plays:
Dates: 4 – 15 July, 8pm
Venue: Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Avenue, Auckland
Bookings: Basement Theatre - 09 309 7433
Restrictions: 15+