Orsome Wells

By Jason Beardsley

Artist: Orsome Welles

Date / Venue: Saturday July 8th, 2017 - The Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy, Victoria

We arrived early at the Evelyn Hotel. I wanted to get a sense of the atmosphere from the doors opening to finish. We got ourselves into the line that had built outside the door anticipating what the night was going to bring. Tonight felt like the dawn of a new era of Prog rock here in Melbourne. 

After we got inside it wasn't long before the first band took the stage, The Valley Ends. There was a healthy crowd in the venue early to receive them. This band was unlike any others on the night. A swirl of guitars and soundscapes lifted me before the drums took me on a journey to the unknown. It was like we were sailing on the ocean beneath the stars. Where were these guys taking me?. The sound reminded me of a mash up of Mutemath and Jakob. Quite and experimental vibe going on with this band.

I would have to say this was one of the best rhythm sections I had seen in Melbourne.

Up next was Transience. The stage was blacked out with this haunting synth raising the hairs on my skin. Out of nowhere the set ignites, the bottom end of the Bass hits me in the chest. I'm taken in by singer Robert Cuzens who poured so much heart into his performance. You can feel every emotion through his powerful scream. There's elements of Deftones and Karnivool and as I look around the room is fully captivated. There's no dead sound between each song and you were never lost. The sound and light show was superb. In perfect sync with every beat. This was more than a rock show. This was theatre. Transience 30 minute set left us wanting for more. 

By now the room is near capacity as Qlaye Face make their way onto the stage. For the 3rd time tonight this band was different to the previous two.  Yet they all compliment each other which is a testament to the work of the bands and Wild Thing Presents who put this show together. 

I notice a drone sound filling the room as the band led into the first song. Immediately I notice intricate time signatures which varied throughout each song. The musicianship and communication between each band member was world class. The harmonies were a stand out. It was hard to find a comparison to Qlaye Face. A band that was truly unique to my ears. 

Finally the headline act. The room was pumped and near capacity, if not at capacity. Orsome Welles front man Michael Stowers walks onto the stage with an acoustic guitar performing an intimate piece to an eager audience. This was a big point of difference to what we had witnessed throughout the night. We were then treated to Prog Rock master class. The band had gone to a whole new level after an extensive Australian Tour, from the musicianship, to the tones of the guitars and drums. The audience did not stop moving the entire set as Michael commands their attention. Bassist Matt Manders has made an immediate impact on this band complimenting drummer Justin Price beautifully as if they had been performing together their entire career.

This was a triumphant release and return home for Orsome Welles, but more importantly, it feels like the beginning of something special.